IIW 30 Session Notes

From IIW

Tuesday April 28, 2020

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All Time PST

Session 1

9:30 - 10:45

1B/ 101 Session OAuth2

1D/ SSI Adoption Sequence in a Pandemic

1F/ SSI to keep the Anonymous Open Web (keep quality content accessible)

1H/ Digital Trust Primer and an Introduction to the Trust over IP Foundation

1I/ Code of Conduct - at DIF

Session 2

11:00 - 12:15

2A/Building the WordPress for Crypto (reusable UI) - AND Call for partcipation in Funding Call

2B/101 Session - Open ID Connect

2D/Authorization with SSI: How do we do AuthZ with credentials?

2E/ ZKPs for JSON-LD

2F/"KERI (A) Key Event Receipt Infrastructure. A ledger agnostic framework for decentralized identity. KERI unifies many DID methods types.

2G/Verifiable Credentials for Trade Items


Session 3

12:00 - 1:45

3A/ KERI -Part B Key Event Reciept Infrastructure.A ledger agnostic framework for decentralized identity. KERI unifies many DID methods types.

3B/ 101 Session - UMA User Managed Access

3C/ Malware attacks against SSI, how SSI may be the perfect honeypot if you're not careful

3D/ Identity in DxOS Collaboratively editing document in decentralized application with Groups and multiple devices

3E/ Evernym AMA

3F/ Child Safety Online: SSI, VCs, governance, guardianship, GDPR

3G/ VC & Open Badge Linkage

3H/ Vectors of Authoritarianism

Session 4

2:00 - 3:15

4A/ COVID Daze/Days - The HumanOS & new relationships w/connected systems & Services

4B/ 101 Session - SSI and Decentralized Identity

4C/ Your experience with exercising your rights (e.g. downloading your data) under CCPA or GDPR

4D/ "DIF Universal Resolver and Universal Registrarhttps://uniresolver.io/, https://uniregistrar.io/"

4E/ The State of SSI (gathering & sharing lists, stats, big news, etc.)

4F/ A verifiable public document graph to facilitate SSI

4G/ Dance Party

4H/ DIDComm WG Progress Update

4I/ "Entity and Object Identifiers: Bringing assurance and immutability to a decentralized network"

Session 5

5:30 - 6:45

5A/ Happy Hour! IEEE Special Issue on Resilience & Recovery - The role of identity?

Wednesday April 29, 2020

All Time PST

Session 6

2:00 - 3:15am

6A/ Building UIs for Decentralized Tech

Session 7

3:30 - 4:45

7A/ Decentralized Data Economy (DDE) unconference - Europe. Initiative to bootstrap unconference format for component like TDA, PBS, MSP, SSI, VC etc..

Session 8

6:30 - 7:45

8A/ How can we make Digital Identity a Sticky topic?

8D/ Group Identity - Open Discussion

8E/ Patient Choice Using Distributed Identifiers

8F/ Are we all wrong? Maybe full pubilc display of all and everyones data, without exception, is the solution

Session 9

8:30 - 9:45

9A/ Domains of Idenitty - Book coming out - 1) overview of it 2) help me figure out how sell more/share it widely

9B/ KERI (C) KACE Agreement Algorithm Recoveryhttps://github.com/SmithSamuelM/Papers/blob/master/whitepapers/KERI_WP_2.x.web.pdf"

9C/ Principles of User Sovereignty (1/3)

9D/ SCIM Reignition - HR and SSI

9E/ Healthcare Patient Choice with Distributed Identity Assurance


9G/ Discussing the Future of Aries, Indy, and Ursa

9H/ Sidetree Protocol / Element DID and Friends

9I/ Understanding MyData Operators - white paper published today

Session 10

11:00 - 12:15

10A/ GS1's decentralized approach to resolving identifiers over HTTPS

10B/ SSI Architecture Stack / Layers & Community efforts

10C/ Getting back to work: End to End Concept live prototype using Hyperledger Aries for Essential Workers

10D/ ID2020 Certification: feedback and next steps

10E/ Every vault has a key that needs to be secured outside the vault. Role of central entities at the periphery (edges) of SSI ecosystem. Seeking answers to questions faced when presenting SSI to consultants/customers/users.

10F/ Fundamental Problems of Distributed Systems (2/3)

10G/ TxAuth and XYZ (and Maybe someday OAuth 3)

10H/ Deepfakes and Identity-- Problems, solutions, focus on technology

Session 11

12:30 - 1:45

11A/ Creating a Knowledge Product for the Community - What do you want/need information wise you don't get / takes to much time? what will you pay for???

11B/ DPoP Introduction & Current Developments

11C/ Sovrin Update

11D/ Are VCs a necessary hurdle on the path to DID adoption?

11E/ Search Warrants and Smart Devices: Encryption, Privacy and the Crypto Wars

11F/ Is consent broken? If yes, what can we do?

11G/ BBS+ JSON-LD ZKPs and Aries & Indy. Your Thoughts?

11H/ Tracking Identity on the Supply Chain: Curated Tour of the Report

11I/ Spotting Economic Opportunity in an SSI World (3/3)

Session 12

2:00 - 3:15


12B/ What goes in credentialSubject? Let's chat Credential Ontology

12C/ Reducing Correlation in Verifiable Credentials without ZKP

12D/ Integrating DID into an app in 10 minutes

12E/ JSON Web Messaging (JWM): What are they and why are they useful for secure messaging sytems?

12F/ Trust / Risk Metrics in SSI - What can we learn from technical trust in order to inform human trust

12H/ Determining demand & feasibility for your SSI/VC use case

12I/ Building Technology and Successful Use Cases based on the most marganilzed as the answer to the problem

12J/ OAuth Metadata: Mix-up Machine?

Session 13

3:30 - 4:45

13A/ Cards Against Identity

13C/ What is a Test Credential?

13D/ True Self-Sovereignty: What Will It Take?

13E/ "IIW SSI Spotlight: 5 Priority Topics of the SSI-Community 1 wallet backup, 2 on-device credential sync, 3 public DID verification, 4 control over public DIDs, 5 third-party identities"

13F/ Minimum Positive Human Application of SSI

13G/ Contextual, trans-silo, on-demand groups (incident resolution) - pragmatic challenges to forming persistent, formal, credential-based, conversations across enterprise boundaries to solve problems.

13H/ SSI and COVID-19 health status certificates - ethics, policy and next steps

13I/ Overlays Capture Architecture (OCA)

13J/ Secure Data Store Working group - review the charter, meet the Chairs, invitation to get involved.

Session 14

6:00 - 7:15

14A/ The Digital Harms Dictionary - Review of the tool and its mission

14B/ SSI and Payments

Thursday April 30, 2020

Pacific Time

Session 15

2:00 - 3:15am

15A/ DIDComm over satellite communication

15D/ Building UIs for end users

Session 16

3:30 - 4:45

16B/ Supporting sovereign insurgencies - secure communities for social change - putting out fires when it is illegal to do so

16C/ Low-tech solutions - QR Code Wallets

16E/ Portable Reputation Using SSI

Session 17

6:30 - 7:45

17A/ Open Discussion on Email, Messaging, and SSI/DID

17B/ Hyperledger Aries - How to send messages to an unknown receiver - The Out-of-Band Protocols

17C/ Identity for All - Universal Declaration of Digital Identity

17E/ Open Source Product Strategy

17J/ Cards Against Identity - Hangover Edition

Session 18

9:30 - 10:45

18A/ Hyperledger AMA

18B/ Verifiable Credentials for Global Supply Chains

18C/ Guardianship & SSI

18D/ Your Trustee and Ethics in a Pandemic - What your community can do to prepare

18E/ KERI Implementation: Whats Next DID:UNI Method. Ref Imp. DIF Project.

18F/ Intro to the Me2B Alliance Testing Specification

18G/ Credentials should be treated like keys KMS discussion

18H/ Build an SSI Proof of Concept on Sovrin

18I/ Intro to did:web Decentralized Identifier method

18J/ Ensuring Transparency in Law Enforcement Exceptional Access

18Changpuhe Park – China Garden/ PhD positions at Identity lab based in Edinburgh - Come ask me about it.

Session 19

11:00 - 12:15

19A/ 101 Session: Verifiable Credential Handler (CHAPI) and DIDComm

19C/ Transaction Tokens: Optimizing Authorization across "domains"

19E/ The Future ain't what it used to be — How to approach the next few years (COVID, climate, economic depression ...)

19F/ Call for Asia Pacific collaboration

19G/ SSI and Payments Continued

19H/ Organizational Wallet

19I/ "Mouse Head Model (MHM): A global solution for safe and secure data sharing"

19J/ We2B Community-wide Tools: Inventory and Needs

Session 20

12:30 - 1:45

20A/ Overview of VC / DID / JSON-LD Interoperability Plug Fest

20B/ Group Identity pt 2

20D/ The Future of Telecommunications is DID Comm

20E/ Magic Sandwiches

20F/ Proving Security for Web Protocols

20G/ Defining the growth factors of SSI

20H/ SSI: when I should start charging my customers?

20I/ Diversity & Inclusion - what are your experiences? we are designing an offering for this community and want input.

20J/ Condensed/Repeat Sovereignty Principles + Practice = Opportunity

Session 21

2:00 - 3:15

21A/ CCLang for encoding complex crypto constructs

21B/ SSI for IoT: what are the benefits and challenges?

21C/ Perspectives from the DHS SVIP participants on interop

21D/ HTTP/3, DIDs - any new developments or thoughts

21F/ Glossary Results - Credentials, Wallets, Agents Defined. + Next Steps

21G/ Must we call it "Self-Sovereign Identity"? (hopefully not)

21H/ Introduction\Discussion - Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication (perhaps discussing integration with standards processes)

21I/ Money is the problem: Mechanism Design for currency

21J/ What is BC Gov doing? Why should I care about Digital Trust? Why is a government investing in this? Ask Me Anything .. can't promise the answer will make sense!

Session 22

3:30 - 4:45

22A/ Can You Have Universal Id for All without a Token?

22B/ Digital Harms - Crowd Sourcing the Concept

22C/ An Aries agent in a browser tab: who owns it, who controls it, is it even a good idea?

22D/ Lets Bring Blogging Back!!! :) Lets discuss a collective community strategy

22E/ Learner Wallets

22F/ Come teach a student how ZKP's work technically. Anybody else who wants to know, please come, and someone come teach us!

22G/ IIW30: The Session Collection & Song List

22H/ ZKPs for JSON-LD using BBS+ - Round 2

22J/ Build an SSI Proof of Concept on Sovrin