Sidetree Protocol / Element DID and Friends

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Sidetree Protocol / Element DID & Friends

Session: 9H

Convener: Orie Steele

Notes-taker(s): Orie Steele

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Orie shared these links:

^ This last video shows how Transmute has built with the sidetree protocol.

We discussed the structure of the protocol.

Carl Youngblood (AWS) asked a lot of great questions about how to replace the ledger part, or the storage part. Jayce (Bloom) asked questions about sidetree and did core compliance.

We talked about sidetree spec v0 and v1, and the timeline for finishing it (we don't know yet).

We talked about JSON Patch and JSON Schema based patches.

Orie revealed Transmute will not support JSON Schema based patches in Element V1, since they are not necessary if you support ietf-json-patch.

Kyle from Mattr asked questions about why ietf-json-patch is important.

We discussed that it allows the did controller to update their did document, including adding support for experimental features or new key types like GPG and BBS.

Troy from Secure Key explained how they use Sidetree with Hyper Ledger Fabric.

Secure Key uses sidetree for things other than did documents.

Transmute uses Sidetree to store hashlinks to Encrypted Data Vaults / Secure Data Stores as a way of scalably commiting to specific versions of credentials.

Sidetree spec v1 has a lot of breaking changes.

The DIF Sidetree WG is working to finish spec v1 and implementers are tackling these changes independently of each other.

Microsoft won't support IETF JSON Patch, Secure will support both IETF JSON Patch and the JSON Schemas, Transmute will only support IETF JSON Patch.