Understanding MyData Operators - white paper published today

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Understanding MyData Operators

Session: 9I

Convener: Ian Henderson

Notes-taker(s): Nicky Hickman

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

  • MyData
  • Personaldata
  • empowerment

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

White Paper published today http://mydata.org/operators/

  • Move from ‘protection’ (e.g. GDPR) to empowerment, actionable rights rather than protective rights
  • MyData is a ‘movement’ ~ 200 organisations, 1000 people, distributed org model via local hubs, annual conference, more focused than IIW but some fellow travellers

MyData Operators - acknowledge that most people can’t manage their own personal data, an Operator is a new category of businesses that empower the individual

  • 20/30 ‘proto-operators’
  • MyData offers ecosystem governance, holding operators to account, operator will typically(but not necessarily) have a fiduciary relationship (e.g. with a doctor, a lawyer, a government), with the individual. The Operator must work for the individual or be neutral (a facilitator), cannot work for an organisation or a platform.
  • Reference model is not defining solutions or standards, but instead defining requirements, look to W3C etc to continue to develop standards that promote the primacy of the individual
  • Promoting interoperability
  • Most significant element is that if an organisation wants to be a MyData Operator, they must be able to be interoperable with other operators, More than Data Portability MyData Operators must demonstrate strategy / roadmap to move towards interoperability

Important work that starts to build potential for a real market. Power in terms of

  • no specification of standards
  • no specification of tech
  • focus on business requirements and Governance

Adrian Gropper: Now moving towards Standards discussion here @ IIW based on the principle that we already have the tech and the standards

Johannes Ernst: MyData is important and very focused community. Interoperability is important for the market to emerge not essential - e.g. personal computing market, expect Data Operators to go the same way. (discussion as to whether standards should come before or after market adoption) Compelling vision of a new market category called Data Operators - data is not held hostage

Nicky: Classic application of ToIP Stack - starting with business, flow through governance, now time for the tech. Operators exist in Layer 3 (Data Exchange) would great to work with ToIP Foundation to start enabling this market

Adrian: Transactional Authorisation work in WIETF

John W: Build social trust, MyData focuses on building services that people can trust, these are different types of standards in human trust than those standards in technical trust. Will be domains / Vertical standards

Nicky promised to share some slides on Data Value Cycles -and pointed at the important gap that the data operator filled at the heart of the cycle

Adrian: Still need standardisation in things like ‘privacy policies’ ref from Nicky re Doc’s Machine Readable Privacy Terms (IEEE)

John W - tools for managing personal data still not realistic - Operators are needed

Johannes - lots of different potential business models

Iain - More work on showing their model and approach to start working towards interoperability

What does MyData need from us ? Join MyData, very Euro-centric, under-represented in USA Johannes has helped start a MyData Hub in heart of surveillance capitalism (Silicon Valley)


MyData Operators


To Empower Me


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