IIW 33 Session Notes

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Tuesday October 12, 2021

Session 1

1A/ I Co-chair the DID WG and VCWG, AMA

1B/ IIW 101 Session: All About OAuth2

1C/ A proposal for SSI Interoperability based on the German SDI projects with greater than 70 participants

1E/ DIDComm Mythconceptions: understanding the most misunderstood opportunity in SSI

1F/ DID and SSI in the NGO and Non-profit sector -I'm trying to learn

1G/ Citizen precinct voting, data, & comms w/SSI

1H/ Group Discussion: What does NOT get adoption for SSI? AKA Failures in SSI

1K/ Digital Identity with LEIs - Update on the Verifiable LEI (vLEI)

Session 2

2A/ Human Rights Impact of Identity Protocols

2B/ IIW 101 Session: OpenID Connect

2C/ VC Metaphors - Containers and ?

2D/ DIDComm reference implementations

2E/ OpenID Connect 4 SSI

2G/ Evolution and Structure of Cryptographic Thought

2I/ Premature Interop/Standardization

2K/ GLEIF vLEI: Distributed Multi-Sig Delegated Credential Issuance with KERI & ACDC

Session 3

3A/ Need for hardware backed crypto on the web! (Would enable SSI with no mobile apps required.) Why we need to advocate as a community

3B/ IIW 101 Session: UMA/User Managed Access

3C/ HumanOS & IIW: Fit & Finish of Neuro/Technology at IIW

3E/ VC Issuance using OpenID Connect

3F/ User Stories for the VRM Intention Byway. A way to develop that starts with happy users. We'll be creating them.

3G/ GS1 License Credentials for Global Trade Identification

3H/ Microledger: data provenance log for authentic data economy

Session 4

4B/ IIW 101 Session: Self Sovereign & Decentralized Identity

4D/ Introduction to DIF Universal Resolver / Registrar

4E/ Semantic Interoperability with Layered Schemas and Semantic pipelines

4F/ Identity in the Metaverse. (It's coming, Zuck says so!) How does what we've learned apply?

4G/ Picos, DIDComm, and Decentralized SSI Agencies

4K/ What is ToIP ACDC? Authentic Chained Data Containers

Session 5

No Sessions

Wednesday October 13, 2021

Session 6

No Sessions

Session 7

No Sessions

Session 8

No Sessions

Session 9

9A/ ISO18013 **AND** VC - Better Together!

Closing for 5 Sessions that were held & Opening / Agenda Creation for Upcoming Sessions

Session 10

10A/ cheqd: Payment rails, customisable commercial models and decentralised governance for SSI (pressie & AMA)

10B/ COVID Credentials: How to Meet the Market Where it is

10D/ Fantastic DIDComm Protocols, and How to Write Them

10E/ Exclusive Self-Ownership

10F/ An Extended LDP-BBS 2020 and ZKP-LD Playground

10H/ Introduction To Trust Over IP

10J/ Global State of VC Adoption

Session 11

11A/ Bridging Digital and Physical to Make Identifiers Identify (a terrible gap in web standards...)

11C/ Is the smart home a dictatorship, co-op, or homesteading?

11E/ Controlling your medical data via DIDComm - discussion and feedback on our system architecture

11F/ GoDiddy.com - Create, Resolve, Search DIDs

11G/ "Authentic" Auditing and Logging - Microledger lite?

11J/ The Future of Governance

11K/ Sign-In With Ethereum (AuthN)

11M/ Identification Minimization and other Respectful Tech Principles

Session 12

12A/ You MUST have a Choice of Policy Managers - Credential Issuers MUST NOT be able to impose the policy manager

12B/ Where do We Work on Interop as a Community?

12C/ DID Registration Architectures

12D/ Strategies For Bridging to Next-Generation Identity Systems (from the bottom up)

12E/ Some problems with JSON-LD and Content Based Addressing

12F/ DIDComm Messaging using IPFS/libp2p as a transport

12G/ DID Tethics & Mandatory Vaccine Passports

12H/ KERI for Muggles - A basic intro to KERI IDs & key mgmt

12J/ VCs meet reality - custom VC evaluation w privacy

Session 13

13A/ Mobile Driving License AND Verifiable Credentials PART 2 - see notes from session 9A for ISO 18013-5 overview slides

13B/ Crossing the chasm - mass market adoption of SSI and VC. What is needed to make triangle of trust work?

13C/ Updates on the Global COVID Certificate Network

13D/ California - Verifiable Credential Policy Committee (Help us get legislation for a trust framework in California)

13E/ Time is Running Out - Get to Market - revenue, costs and who pays for what

13F/ Taking the adoption of SSI to the next level

13H/ Privacy Signal Standard Update (IEEE P7012)

13J/ Working with JSON-LD and best practices to make it easier

13K/ Privacy Authenticity Confidentiality Tradeoffs: KERI and Zero Trust Architecture

Session 14

14A/ Privacy Enhancing Mobile Credentials (building on prior Kantara report: https://kantarainitiative.org/download/pimdl-v1-final-html/)

14B/ UX: continuing the mid-2021 IIW UX conversation

14C/ Formal Objections on the DID Spec

14D/ Privacy Broadcasting for Privacy Awareness & Assurance

14E/ Have we forgotten to design for consent while we’ve been busy building for SSI?

14K/ Practical Intro to KERI: What can you do today?

Closing Circle – Open Gifting & Opening for next 5 Sessions

Session 15

No Sessions

Thursday October 14, 2021

Session 16

No Sessions

Session 17

No Sessions

Session 18

No Sessions

Session 19

19A/ Let's Talk About Layer 1

Closing for 5 Sessions that were held & Opening / Agenda Creation for Upcoming Sessions

Session 20

20A/JSON Web Proofs - JWTs with Superpowers

20B/ CCG 101: get involved with standards/pre-standards at the W3C

20C/ Teach me about MOSIP

20D/ The Self Sovereign Identity Revolution will Not be B2B

20G/ did:dns and did:dnssec

20H/ Decode IT For Me - Magic explained with human langauge - no-techies!!! bring your questions

20K/ Digital Identity with LEIs: Update on the Verifiable LEI (vLEI)

20N/ Explainers needed - Brainstorming topics/outlines for missing explainers for digital identity and self-sovereign Identity (similar to the VC flavors explained paper)

Session 21

21A/ID Token as VP (OpenID Connect 4 Verifiable Presentations)

21B/ The 7 Deadly Sins of Commercialized SSI

21D/ Decentralized Reputation

21E/ Transatlantic Interop (DHS SVIP + EBSI/ESSIF)

21G/ Mapping Verifiable Credentials to Hierarchical Identification and Declaration

21I/ We're building digital gates to keep people out. Why identity *cannot* be an input to verification's.

Session 22

22A/ Power, Politics, Hamlet & Harms

22B/ A Useful Revocation Scheme for BBS+ VCs

22C/ VC Issuance with OpenID Connect (using Credential Manifest?) Part 2

22D/ Privacy Broadcasting #2 Consented Surveillance (including identity management), Lessons from the Physical World

22E/ Decentralized identity for financial inclusion. Field notes from Kenya

22G/ Does login = identity?

22I/ Person schema design — Doing it Wrong? @nytimes

22K/ Safe Internet Use with KERI: Percolated Discovery OOBIS and Spanning Trust Layer

Session 23

23A/ Passwordless Login: The Keys to Secure Logins

23B/ QR codes for Wallets - Threats & Opportunities

23C/ What does Hybrid IIW Look Like?

23E/ Privacy Broadcasting #3 (postponed to next session) Consent by Default - with- A Privacy Controller Credential

23F/ Have we forgotten to design for consent while we've been building for SSI (round 2)

23G/ The Byway

23H/ Trust Taize -Time to Breath and Trust (Quotes and Music)

23J/ Credential Chaining - Verification of VCs in non-trivial Trust Networks (open discussion)

23K/ PAC Theorm Reprice: Economic incentives for Privacy. PAC Layering

23L/ Verifiable Credentials for the Workforce – PoC

23M/ Considerations & Trends in Children's Data Governance & Age Appropriate Design

23O/ Scuttlebutt - the gossiping protocol

Session 24

24A/ Microledger Hands-on - tools and libs where to start and how to use it

24C/ Machine Readable Governance: Theory, Code, and the Future

24D/ Privacy Broadcasting #3 Consent by Default - with- A Privacy Controller Credential

24E/ Killer Whale Jello Salad (WACI PEx update)

24G/ Achieving Full Global Decentralization with the KERI Protocol

24I/ Self-sovereign Applications on “Authorized P2P” Infrastructure: Kepler Design Progress Report

24L/ How to make SSI systems that inspire people to act rather than be acted upon?

24N/ Explainers Pt 2: After Brainstorm - Planning/Outlining Explainers, Curriculum

Final Closing Circle – Open Gifting