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IIW 16 Book of Proceedings

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Session 1 11:00 – 12:00

T1A: MITREid Connect

T1B: Pluggable Privacy Managers

T1C: Rent or Buy Taking Control of Your Credit

T1E: Program Aggregation Layer / How we wrap and deploy solution harmonize licenses for Cust * Com

T1F: Intro to Personal Clouds

T1G: Native Apps – SSO

T1H: What Changes YOUR Information Sharing Behavior

Session 2 12:00 – 1:00

T2A: Personal Clouds and the Social Contract

T2B: Strong 2-Factor For All – Google and FIDO Alliance

T2C: User Managed Access (UMA) Intro and Overview

T2D: Next Generation Biometric ID

T2E: What do Leading Consumer Sties Have to Gain by Establishing Themselves as Consumer Identity Providers??

T2F: Personal Clouds and VRM

T2G: Salesforce Identity Q and A

T2H: EGO Identity

T2I: Content Addressable Personal Clouds

T LUNCH: Privacy Features

Session 3 2:00 – 3:00

T3A: A2P3 – UpDate and Demo

T3B: Personal Cloud Discovery With XDI

T3C: The OAuth Complicit Flow

T3E: Patient ID and Fair Info Practices for ID

T3F: Patient ID and Fair Info Practices for ID

T3G: Cloudstore Intro: Create Personal Cloud/Develop Apps/Biz Model

T3H: Identity and Currency and Transactions

T3I: Free Trade Zone for Trust Frameworks

Session 4 3:00 – 4:00

T4A: Forever: Personal Cloud Application Architectures (Post Web 2.0)

T4B: Is Decentralized Social Media Possible? The Case of Tent.io

T4C: COPPA How Does It Play In the ID Ecosystem

T4D: Anonymous Credentials for enrollment and provisioning data (with NO portals)

T4F: Mobile Single-Sign-On

T4G: Identity Federation: Failed Consumer Experiences and WHat We Can Do About It

T4H: UNHOSTED Personal Cloud Apps for Developers

T4I: BLACK BOX ~ Clouds Architecture

Session 5 4:00 – 5:00

T5A: Anonymous – Identity As Meme

T5C: Business of Personal Clouds – Models, Revenue, Investments

T5D: Comparative eID – What’s going on in your country/countries that you know about? AND Identity and Government

T5E: SSO for IdP – IoP Optimization and Alternatives using SAML. DAuth, WS- TR

T5F: The Privacy Phone

T5G: Personal Clouds in Supply Chains – The Enterprise Metaphor

T5H: Exposing Women’s Profiles w/o Gender Profiling

Wednesday May 8, 2013

Session 1 9:30 -10:30

W1A: Digital Idenity in Smart-Device eve

W1B: Group Identity

W1C: SCIM Restful IAM & Provisioning Standard – Intro

W1D: Relying Party Assurance IOP Insurance Etc…

W1E: Login – hint for SAML?

W1F: PIXEL Policy Expression Language for Personal Clouds

W1G: Human-to Human Delegation Issues in Open World

W1H: OAUTH Client Registration

W1J: Field Guide to Internet Trust

Session 2 10:30-11:30

W2A: FIDO Alliance – Fast Identity Online Overview/Nutshell

W2B: DNS vs. XDI

W2C: Faith/Religion and Cultural Context – Influence on… ID System Architecture and User Behavior

W2D: Data Commons Governance – SMART Cities

W2E: Patent Trolls Gonna Kill VRM?

W2F: Customer Commons – OMIE

W2G: White Boards Are People Too

W2H: Private Data Stores

W2I: Privacy – Preserving Accessibility Support with UMA andGPII

W2J: Blue Button and Patient Health Records using OAuth , JOSE

W2K: Data Durability Security Over Time

Session 3 11:30-12:30

W3A: A Coherent Theory of Privacy

W3B: OAuth 2 Bootstrapping from device to browser (technical)

W3C: VRM Personal Cloud for SMB/SME

W3D: NSTIC – Electronic Health Records and Patient ID

W3E: Trust Frameworks – Cross Sector and Domains

W3F: Customer Commons – new privacy intros


W3H: Biometric Identity Measures that can NEVER be shared or Replicated

W3I: Securing the Personal Cloud – What Should Be Best Parctices?

W3J: Building Burning Man – Online (Identity) Ecosystem

Session 4 2:30-3:30

W4A: RESPECT CREDITS – Brokering $$$ Exchange on the Respect Network

W4B: Google’s Auth goals for the next 5 years

W4C: NYM – Rights and Issues – Online pseudonimity and anonymity

W4D: Citizen-Centric Attributes and metadata for use cases between Citizens and E Govs (Social and from Sanctioned)


W4F: The Legal Forum

W4G: All about Identity at AMAZON WEB SERVICES plus what are we still missing?

W4H: Providing 1 Billion People with a Useful Personal Cloud is Cheap and Easy

W4I: Auditable Trust Framework – Patient Privacy Rights

W4J: hat’s In Your Wallet? – Who owns your digital Identities when you leave the leather at home?

W5K: Comparative eID filling the chart - questions/countries

Session 5 3:30-4:30

W5A: Son-Of-Sopa (SOS)


W5C: DNS vs XDI Who is better at solving which problems… (continued)

W5D: Crypto SSO on Mobile

W5E: Health/QS Vertical ID’s and Vaults

W5F: Open ID Foundation Board Meeting

W5G: 100% Secure 100% Private Personal Cloud

W5H: Persuasion for Engineers

W5I: OAuth 2 Federation – RS trust external AS


W5K: Proofs of Knowledge for Personal Clouds – Real System Demo

Thursday May 9, 2013

Session 1

TH1D: Comparative eID – Big Picture/ID Proofing/Enrollment/Attributes/Credentials/Uses/Governance/Law Policy

TH1F: Architecting – A Self-Regulating Society Theory and Practice

TH1G: Audit, Certification and Trust Seals

TH1H: Metaphors and Models of WHAT IS “Personal Data” Implications for Policy plus Technology

Session 2

TH2E: Practical DATA PROTECTION – Avoidance? EU and US ?

TH2F: Who is The Big Gal/Guy that will make personal Clouds Happen?

TH2G: PDS plus Personal Cloud *What is Out There *Business plus Technical Perspectives

TH2H: Out OF The Ivory Tower (linking theories of privacy identity and risk to practice)

Session 3

TH3A: RESPECT CONNECT “Facebook Connect for Personal Clouds” OR “Social Login that Doesn’t Suck”

TH3F: Define Personal Cloud Logo Terms

TH3G: What Makes Online Identity Durable? Why do some users stick with their online accounts for years while others abandon?

TH3H: Applying a Gender Lens on Evolution of the Market for Personal, Household, Small Biz, Clouds/Data plus future of hyperconectivity

Session 4

TH4F: Self-Hosted Personal Clouds (FreedomBox and Raspberry PI)

TH4G: XDI vs DNS (Continued from Wednesday)

Session 5

TH5A: SquareTag Deep Dive (active devices)

TH5E: What do Women Want?

TH5F: Personal Data Ecosystem – Creating an Open Personal Cloud Community

TH5G: Trust Framework – They’re not all about Identity

THI: Sight Seeing Tips and Tricks – San Francisco and Beyond