What Changes YOUR Information Sharing Behavior

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Session Topic: Infosharing

Tuesday 1H

Convener: Joe Andrieu

Notes-taker(s): Joe Andrieu

See infosharing wg on Kantara.

It is a nutrition sharing information about my personal information, at the point you are about to share the info at the transaction. ToS too hard, and encourage click train..

Started with per transaction contractual agreements, moved to simple representation of labels, something you can check as opposed to breaking up your session.

Related to Mozilla and ToS DR, and Lloyd Kramer @ Carnegie Mellon nutrition facts privacy label cor the whole site like P3P.


Is there a role for legislation

Do people read labels?

What info goes on the label?

What are users looking for? Automate the notice? Tags/filters?.. road/traffic light sign type logos.

How do users share back why a user didn’t share their info?

Do people see sharing as a problem..

What will change my behavior when asked to release my data?

It’s easy

Friend says is scary/crowd sourcing

On-selling data

Viral exposure

Unknown 3rd party redistribution

Clear value prop ….compensation – trading your information to receive a benefit. Quid pro quo..

Ability to negotiate, opt in, opt out

Social, fun and useful and in context.

Paying attention to the label ‘after the fact’..e.g. when doctor says you are sick. So you need a ‘health check’

Education and awareness

Peer pressure

What are the inflection points? Mobile, cookies, SSL

Behavioral characteristics:

Drive to acquire

The drive to bond..

The drive to learn

The drive to defend

The drive to feel

How to avoid irrelevant marks becoming ‘marketing’

Bacon labeling. an example of behavioral influence…

Raw-cooked, rating score, presentation, but all on one service level. What is wrong is there are different rating systems and these should be distributed, accessible for users