VRM Personal Cloud for SMB/SME

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Session Topic: VRM for SMEs

Wednesday 3C

Convener: Clive Boulton

Notes-taker(s): Clive Boulton

Our session shared a belief that personal clouds will be adopted by small business at scale for VRM and pay for a service (vs. consumers who won't pay today). VRM will be used for exchanging intention data with there currently un-network connected ecosystem. This took us into the schematic for personal cloud to address VRM in the SME / SMB space. We explored Ward Cunningham's Smallest Federated Wiki. http://wardcunningham.github.io/

Well noted at IIW Personal Cloud has many protocols and approaches to deal with identity and data ownership. In a business context, what if we think of identity as a shared relationship between entities, and give people and business dignity and control over data. Then out of this comes a pattern for sharing information at a paragraph level.

In the following demo, create a new wiki page, copy or edit some data, then fork the page and pass it to an new owner. Who gets there own copy in Drop Box or wherever they decide feels like the right place to save their data. http://oscon.fed.wiki.org/view/welcome-visitors/view/welcome-visitors_rev14