Practical DATA PROTECTION – Avoidance? EU and US ?

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Session Topic: Data Protection (Avoidance?) in EU and US

Thursday 2E

Convener: Valter Nordh

Notes-taker(s): Valter Nordh


Transfer of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) within and out of EU is regulated.

How do we enable the transfer, for access to services needed attributes, of PII within an id-federation – WITHOUT the need for signing a full mesh of contracts between all IdPs and SPs?

This talk discussed how the GÉANT Code of Conduct solves transferring PII in order to ENABLE access to a service, such as e-mail, username, Name – primarily within the EU.

Full information about the Code of Conduct is found at:

The Code of Conduct is licensed as creative commons, meaning that this work can be reused for other purposes as well.