What Makes Online Identity Durable? Why do some users stick with their online accounts for years while others abandon?

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Session Topic: Durable Online Identities

Thursday 3G

Convener: Jeff Hughes

Notes-taker(s): Vicki Milton

Goal: Determine the attributes of an account that might make you want to hold onto them for a long time

  • Reasons to create an account
    • Got a new device and it requires an account
    • Want to communicate people -- want an email service
    • Forgotten password on previous account (inverse to reason to abandon on previous account)
    • Got an anonymous email -- persona expression
    • Got a real name -- persona expression
    • Changed name -- persona expression
    • Required to purchase/download transaction
    • Easier to create than to recover an account (where value doesn't justify recovery effort)
    • Creates different identity per service to determine where spam is coming from
    • Control issue- Uses as a redirector to important, highly protected email
  • Reasons to keep the account
    • Got the exact name that you wanted
    • Data held within the account is of value
    • Represents identity well
    • Known address to friends
    • Has a geo attribute that you can only get in that country
    • Access to platform specific services (reuse of a seldom used account)
    • Identity is sold off to others -- created ongoing target market persona used by services
    • Personal domain that user has lifetime control over (as long as they pay the money)
  • Can move personal domain to different mail servers
  • Personal name I own
    • Tied to history/data/people
    • Used email in a research paper and known to other people (long time reference)
    • Google account is tied to too many services (calendar, place, android) that limits ability to use
    • Persona expression -- uses across similar sites
    • Certain types of accounts are more secure or more trustworthy than others (FB vs. Google)
    • Can't transfer the storage quota purchased with the account (digital asset tied to the account)
  • App licenses
  • Content
  • Game scores
  • Points
    • Have developed a trusted relationship with vendor
  • Trust brand
  • How data is handled
    • Tolerance for only a small number of accounts to use/remember
  • Reasons to Abandon (stop using)
    • Switch devices
    • Account compromise/security concerns/trust
    • Seldom used accounts may hold data that is public facing and desires to keep visibility but doesn't update
    • Community moved away from method -- so moved with community (myspace --> facebook, starting to happen at Facebook)
    • Switch to another service (choice or move)
    • Forgotten passwords
    • The account has lost its utility (Reddit has concept of throwaway account) -- utility is that they are not durable
    • Name change that requires a new account
    • Public facing name such as email expresses name
    • Death
    • Created for the purpose of a one-time transaction
    • Easier to create than to recover an account (where value doesn't justify recovery effort)
    • Desire to start over completely
    • Effort to clean up account is too high
    • Spam
    • Organization ID no longer available (EDU, company)
    • Misusing account in marketing campaigns -- not targeting
    • Didn't value me as a customer