IIW 17 Notes

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IIW 17 ~ Session Topics Oct – 22, 23 & 24, 2013

Tuesday Oct 22, 2013

Session 1

A: To Switch or Not Switch… Enabling Smoother Transitions Between Work and Personal

D: RALLY CRY plus Guiding Principles for this Community

E: Internet Of Things – Developing a Classification Framework

F: Respect Connect “Demo” Safe single sign on for Personal Clouds

G: Where Does Your Project/Product Fit in the Personal Cloud Markey Matrix

H: Identity Revocation The RRVS (required recipient valid since) SMTP header

Session 2

A: How to Make Money Implementing Attribute Exchange: Services, Solutions andTrust Framework

D: A Periodic Table of Trust Elements – Building Real Trust Frameworks from the Bottom Up

F: NYM ISSUES (pseudo-nym) Why Do We Need “real” name policies?

G: Defining a Simple Use Taxonmy for Personal Data (think Creative Commons)

H: Find/Create Killer Product (App) and Win In the Market

J: XDI2 Technical Overview

Session 3

A: Federation Conversation

B: Retiring Protocols

C: A Universal Shopping Cart

D: Federation Conversation / Blood Bath

F: VRM 101 – 2.0

G: Idie Box Freedom Box, 8 Personal Clouds

j: Universal Shopping Cart

Session 4

A: Respect Connect Deep Dive

E: OAuth Open ID Connect plus FICAM

F: Persistent Compute Objects and The Fabric of Cyberspace and Quantified Everything

G: Household ID and Personal Data @ Rest

J: Putting Informed in Consent

Session 5

A: The Business of Personal clouds

D: GreenList Payment Addresses – How to create a new Identity Attribute that benefits everyone on the Planet!

E: Secular Connect

F: Talking Tag

H: Personal Data Ecosystem Architecture

I: Skinning the SQRL (Secure QR Login)

J: OAuth the parts intro/review

Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

Session 1

A: Respect Connect Deep Deep Dive

B: User Challenges with Federated Login!! Follow-up From Day 1

D: Vertical $ Opportunities – Connecting the Dots in Real Estate – Monetizing VRM By Delivering Billions In Consumer Savings

I: ReDelegation in OuathII

J: NSTIC 101

Session 2

A: Personas and Privacy

B: Security Concerns for RP’s I - Session Strength and Reauthentication Proposal from Google

D: Identity Revocation PartDeux

G: Use Case – Mandated Parent Educaiton

H: Personal Cloud Logo Terms

J: COZY Cloud – MesInfo

Session 3

A: Customer Commons – Creating a World of Liberated, Powerful and Respected Customers

B: Building Personal Cloud Applications - FUSE

D: FIDO Alliance Update

E: Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium – Update

G: FCCX Update – Federal Cloud Credential Exchange

H: Anonymous Authentication – How Does it Help our Life

Session 4

A: Health IT Architecture

B: Ontology for the Personal Data Ecosystem

D: RP Challenges to Federated Login

E: OMIE – customer commons

F: Omie Update (Version 2.0)

G: Online Data and ID After Death

H: Personal Clouds as Media Indexes for Local Sharing

I: My Identity – Your Identity

Session 5

A: Google’s OIDC’ish Auth Platforms on Android, Chrome, iOS

B: Non-Cloud Providing Enterprise Use plus Coordination

D: Data and ID after Death

F: Intentcasting

G: Descant – Data Systems at the Intersection of Story Telling and Data Reputation

H: After Email… So How Do We Replace It….What Does It Look Like…]

J: Venture Free StartUp Financing and How Respect Network can Earn Income

Thursday Oct 24, 2013

Session 1

C: Do Not Disturb Brainstorming – A DNT with TEETH!!

F: OAuth 2 Interop Testing

G: Mapping Out Our Digital UnConference

H: After Email – user experience for all the things we use it for

I: Can Identity Proofing Eventually Replace Authen?

Session 2

A: How do RP’s Learn of Big Account Changes at an IDP like Google

G: Personal Cloud Network - RISK THREAT – Counter Measure Models

H: Email: Are We Asking It To Do Too Much?

Session 3

A: Exploratory Conversation for Social Good / What Value Does Online Identity Bring to Local Economy

C: Privacy - Why Not

G: CloudOS Programming 101

H: Trust Frameworks - 101 Definitions / 201 Application

J: Identity by Presence – The Death of Single Sigh On and Federated Identity

Session 4

F: Rally CRY and Guiding Principles (Part 2)

G: NSTIC (national strategy for trusted identity in cyberspace) Let’s Get Real!!

H: Mapping the Connect Code flow to SAML Artifact Binding to create a server profile

Session 5

A: Come to the Movies – UMA

C: Cybernetic Augmentation, User Agents and Identity

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