My Identity – Your Identity

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Session Topic: My Identity - Your Identity

Wednesdasy 4I

Convener: Gihan Dias

Notes-taker(s): Animesh Chowdhury

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

An exploration of peer to peer identity for humans

Two main modes of how one's identity is created and perceived -

1. Human beings get their identity from interaction with other human beings and organizations/groups that they belong to each person makes a set of claims which could be true or false

  • these could be verified by
    • govt
    • employer
    • friends

2. other people build profiles of a person

  • Some of these claims could be verified by third parties and the subject as well

... both these profiles need to have selective visibility options as well as reviewable

Asserting claims and the capability to verify some or all of the self-made or third-party-made claims can be seen as a variation of a social reputation system

However reputation systems normally have a specific purpose - ebay sellers reputation, Yelp/Zagat reputation score for restaurants , LinkedIn endorsements etc. Can there be a more heneric social reputation system which can be applied in broader use cases ?

Also how to build this reputation score/s semi automatically?

A suggestion is to tie the score against a public identifier , like phone number, Email address, mailing address, a social login id etc. - builds up value/reputation over time

Exploring what attributes should there be for a social reputation scheme

  • violence ... safe to be around
  • financial
  • appearance
  • trustworthiness