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Session Topic: Personal Cloud Logo Terms

Wednesday 2H

Convener: Johannes Ernst

Notes-taker(s): Johannes Ernst

Long discussion about how to make progress faster. General agreement with Phil's general proposal to "get it out and fix it later if it needs fixing". So we came up with a few things to do immediately, and things to do "later" if and when we have time and resources.

We decided that we could solve the various use cases for the logo with the following, much simpler approach:

1. We modify the logo to make the phrase "My data, my way" part of the graphics

2. We require that wherever possible, the use of the logo links back to a page that we maintain

3. We require that any use of the logo has a footnote that says "The Personal Cloud logo is a trademark of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium, a working group of Identity Commons Inc."

4. We do not put any up-front restrictions on the use of the logo. Any use of the logo is interpreted as an endorsement of our principles.

5. If we feel that somebody uses the logo in a way that is incompatible with our principles, we will ask them to take it down.

In other words:

  • starting immediately, anybody can put the logo on any T-shirt, corporate home page, or product (following the above rules)
  • if somebody puts it on a product that is antithetical to our principles, we ask them to take it down.

Things to do now:

  • Put TM on the logo
  • Add phrase "My data, my way" to the logo
  • Put principles on new page on

Things to do later:

  • talk to a trademark lawyer about whether it should be changed to a SM or certification mark, or be filed for an (R)
  • encourage other companies to use the logo

Suggestions for doing better going forward:

  • E-mail reminder for upcoming meetings 1 day ahead
  • More in-person meetings