IDCollab Day Notes

From IIW

The ID Collaboration Day Book of Proceedings is available! File:ID Collaboration Day Book of Proceedings.pdf

Session 1

(1A): Identity Commons Claims Agent Working Group

(1B): Citizen ID’s and Winlogon credentials? Why AND/OR Why not

(1C): How Will the Enterprise do Identity In The Cloud?

(1E): UK Government ID For Digital Public Service

(1G): Why (Identity, Privacy, Turst) Frameworks are Failing

Session 2

(2B): Identity In The Browser

(2C): ID Adoption Discussions: Compliance + Service Certification Requirements for Cross-Domain IDM Deployments – Govt, Financial etc…

(2D): Personal Data Ecosystem Personal Data Stores and Services Emerging. What is Happening, How To Be Involved, What To Do Next

(2G): Architecture for A Personal Data Ecosystem

Session 3

(3C): Organizations and Their Individual Affiliates (retirees, contractors, etc…) Bringing Their “Own Identity” to the Organizations Services

(3D): Measuring ID Assurance Through Complex Supply Chains – “The Weakest Link Breaks the Chain” + Is There a Market for Assurance?

(3G): U-Prove CTP RZ

Session 4

(4A): ANSI / NASPO – ID-V Standards Workgroup Update

(4B): Machine Readable Policies to Informed Consent

(4D): NIH Seeks Higher LOA

(4G): Personal Data Management (part2) Practical Applications and Market Considerations

Session 5


(5E): Use Cases for User Centric and Communicating Them On The Web–Identity Labs?

(5G): Kantara Universal Login Experience

Session 6

(6A): Open ID ABC – High LOA Secure Discovery

(6E): User Managed Access and SMART

(6G): 5 Minute Higgins 2.0 Personal Data Service Demo