Use Cases for User Centric and Communicating Them On The Web–Identity Labs?

From IIW

Session Topic: Use Cases for User-centric Claims-based Identity

Convener: Peter Watkins (BC Gov)

Note-taker(s)): Patricia Wiebe

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

• Kantara (Joni Brennan) is interested in hosting, can show multi-national perspective, helps take it away from any one government, can raise funds

• Unsolved use cases can turn into Kantara working groups

• Vendor can know what to build to sell more of products

• Kantara WG on business scenarios for trusted federation (led by Rainer Hoerbe) – consider using this

• Like the layered approach

• Need for governance?  Could a vendor misrepresent themselves?  Push vendor content to vendor website, not on Kantara website

• Governments need safe harbour to talk to vendors

• Need to decouple the use cases from the implementation

•Have a look at OASIS government transformation draft standard, mentions IDM as enabler

Additional Recollection of the Session

Peter showed a model idea for a story board which would eventually be come a full featured website. This site would start with a broad view of the world and then work down to specific countries or even cities where X services were offered. The site viewer would then learn the story of: the service, how they can interact with the service, who's implementing the service, of the implementers who is interoperable, the basic messages passed in the service (high-level view) and finally how to specifically implement the service using open source standards.

There was some concern that such a site (story service) would need to find an unbiased “home”. Kantara Initiative was suggested as a home for the story site. Preliminary plans were made for the Kantara Business Cases for Trusted Federation (BCTF) DG to host a session where we could hear the presentaion again and record the details for an on-line capture to further socialize the idea, potentially to gather broad support and/or funding to build the story site as well. Plans are underway for the BCTF DG to host a “re-play” of the presentation which would be recorded for further input. Plans of how to move forward would occur from that point on.