XRDS for OpenID and Information Cards

From IIW

Convener & Notes-taker: Axel Nennker

Technology Discussed/Considered:

XRDS, Open ID, Information Cards

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

We should use XRDS (Simple) to let a RelyingParty/OpenIdConsumer/Resource/Service express its needs and the services it provides.

Something along these lines is describes here http://ignisvulpis.blogspot.com/2008/10/information-cards-with-xrds.html

   * The relying party (https://xmldap.org/relyingparty/) provides a HTML LINK-rel element in the html code.
   * A browser extension finds the LINK element and downloads the XRDS document the LINK points to.
   * The browser extension looks for service types it is willing to support
   * In the case of Information Cards it retrieve the "policy" of the relyingparty
   * If the user now chooses to start the card selector the applicability of a card is governed by the RP policy.
   * After the security token has been generated it is send to the RP service endpoint listed in the XRDS document.
     This transfers the user's credentials/claims aka "security token" to the RP. 

What we should agree on in this session is a set of XRDS types that are suitable for OpenId.

First here are the things for Information Cards:

   * http://infocardfoundation.org/policy/1.0/login Describes where the policy can be retrieved.
     The scheme in the Uri part of this services SHOULD be https.
   * http://infocardfoundation.org/service/1.0/login Describes where the security token can be posted to.
     The scheme in the Uri part of this services SHOULD be https. 

What is needed for OpenId?

   * http://openid.org/policy/1.0/login
   * http://openid.org/service/1.0/login 

If these two XRDS types are accepted what is the "policy"?