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Session Topic: XDI GraphEditor

Tuesday 2D

Convener: Hubert

Notes-taker: Sarah Allen

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

XDI-GraphEditor eXternal Data Interchange


XDI is semantic graphs at its core

use it to represent organizations, peoples, things, document attributes and relationships between nodes

a problem that the XDI community had was how to explain this and illustrate it, as well as editing

based on D3, open source,

- pure javascript and D3

- XDI2 Javascript library

can import and export XDI or create/edit interactively

Q: this could be a means to generating a cloud card very quickly? taking information from the graph and serve it up in a visual way — maybe in the future

Right now it is a tool, but in the future it could be used in UIs for graphs

can control visual attributes of the graph with sliders

sample XDI:


This is really a teaching tool for XDI

demonstrated alice having an email address

every node in XDI is addressable, and attributes are nodes

Hubert is on the technical committee for the protocol, working on simplifying the protocol

Initially, this was simply a way to understand the protocol through visualizing it

Can switch to a tree layout, instead of a force layout

Nodes can be collapsed and expanded

Zoom in / out

can drag nodes out of the way

will highlight errors — which parts of the statement are wrong

Tableau — gives knowledge workers insight into the data,

over time this may get to the point where people can see relationships

Wish list:

- focus on a node and only show connections to the node