Verifiable Credentials for Mobile Skills Schemas & UX

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Verifiable Credentials for Mobile Skills Schemas & UX

Thursday 12D

Convener: David Masen & Chris Winczewski

Notes-taker(s): David Masen

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Note of clarification: “mobile skills” refers to transferrable/portable skills, not handset-based skills.

# Overview: 

“Skills as currency” — allow individuals to curate their own diverse skills, eventually in an SSI way, that can be exchanged within large organizations and across organizations, from very formal, a university degree, a course, to soft skills that are assessed based on work experience

Examples: Data science, writing, collaboration, empathy, creative thinking, storytelling, analytical, ability to learn (growth mindset), adaptability, flexibility

Working with institutional partners who have their own stacks and taxonomies

- user groups inactive

- bootstrapping exchangeable naming, or will it be wild west?

# Schema discussion:



Start simple

Relating many taxonomies

Let’s talk about:

- use features of linked data? 

- not to create an AI but to build on and create consistently relatable schemas (eg

- skos/definedterm?

- same as, subclass of, is level?

- put schema on ledger? (stack dependent)

- or -

- orgs and vendor defined, fully ad-hooc

VC W3c recommendation good, but not enough - completely different languages, even simple ideas like start dates aren’t easily relate-able

Simita: User groups? Is it a standards bodies task? Focus is on DIDs

Anthony: European commission XML - transferrable to US?

Sumita: translate between them, organically, use Linked Data

Open badges - IMS Global? 

  • Proprietary perspective
  • Not easily interchangeable
  • Companies moving faster than them
  • Healthcare - EPIC (proprietary) - can’t exchange patients 
    • Use federal intervention

Who to talk to about why or how to use JSON and develop structural content:

  • Similar scope research projects that had rich "semantic web" models, eg DARPA
  • People in W3C, key companies like Digital Bazaar
  • Google
  • Library science people
  • Hiring sites - toptal, etc

How do we organize, do we try to align in a year?

Where is the best place?

  • Interop project in the DIF (claims and credentials)
  • Survey of group (about 12 people):
    • Half people are DIF members
    • Half are w3c-focused
    • A couple Hyperledger Aries focused
      • Join technical group (using json-ld)

Chris: 3 areas

Interop working group, focus on DIF/hyperledger aries (not w3c). They are converging?

  • Hyperledger aries - Wednesday meetings
  • DIF not open enough?
    • Interop meetings - public repositories, weekly calls, looking for do-cratic approach

# UX discussion:

  • Experience of SSI so far is pointing a smart phone at a QR Code
  • Streetcred 
    • -deep linking to applications
    • No out of band, DID communication
  • Need a wallet
  • “Choose your wallet” screen in apps
  • Wallet at an operating system level? 
    • Samsung working on DID/wallet at the mobile device level including hardware level (trust zone/secure enclave)
  • Impossible on IOS?