Verifiable Credential Based Authentication over OpenID Connect

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Verifiable Credential Based Authentication Over OpenID Connect

Wednesday 6A

Convener(s): Tobias Looker

Notes-taker(s): Tobias Looker

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At MATTR, we've been working hard on an exciting opportunity with the Government of British Columbia (BC Gov) in Canada. In June 2019, the BC Gov Verifiable Organizations Network team put out a "Code With Us" development bounty to integrate KeyCloak, their enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, with an emerging W3C standard called Verifiable Credentials. This work led the team at MATTR to a solution that enables the use of Verifiable Credentials (VC) as a means of authentication that is interoperable with the OpenID Connect (OIDC) specification. We call this work VC-AuthN-OIDC, the output is an adaptor which bridges these standards and enables a whole new set of capabilities through a simple extension of most modern IAM solutions.


BC Gov Verifiable Organizations Network – BCDevExchange – "Code With Us" development bounty – VC-AuthN-OIDC Github Repository –

A presentation on an approach to integrate verifiable credentials as a means of authentication with OpenID connect. 

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