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Session Topic:VRM Overview (T2G)

Convener:Doc Searls


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(Disclosure: This was fast and deep. Notes are a little scattered.)

Tools that equip individuals to be better able to engage.
Individuals bringing more to the table then they are allowed to now.

The Cookie created a subordinate / dominant relationship.

We exist within their context

Calf/Cow relationship - Animal Husbandry

VRM empowers Users to have their own context.

Free customer is more valuable then a captive one.

Introduction to the R-Button.

ListenLog data - Mashup with Kynetx.

How can we symbolize the user bringing context within the browser?

What do we need to build worthy of permanent space in the chrome of the browser by the browser teams?

The user needs to be the point of aggregation of their own data, and the point at which things are done with that data.

Mike Hansen with Mozilla-

AwesomeBar HD - Search/Location in same bar, similar to Chrome.
 HYPERLINK "http://wsj.com/wtk" \t "_blank" wsj.com/wtk
 HYPERLINK "http://showmefirst.info" \t "_blank" showmefirst.info

Mozilla uses a Door Hanger with Disclosure process and a Consent step.
example: site wants your location.

Visual Language - passive

web content can request access to a service.
example: get profile method

reverse invocation.

User causes a message to be sent to the app/site, instead of a site always requesting the information.

A request to allow lying.

Mozilla sends the Do Not Track header, but does not yet require an ack response.

Mozilla is considering sending terms of service with sent data.

Discussion of user flow for a Terms of Service mismatch. - Website cannot serve user because of inability to match ToS.

Disclosure should always require an explicit connect transaction.

Mozilla wants to be the transport in this user data transfer, not define the formats or standards for transfer.

Enabling this in the browser requires a protocol agreement between source and sink.

Access to data must be purpose bound.

UMA Authorization Manager right in the browser.

User agents have lost user agency.

Current UMA is in frame based, but can work well in a browser chrome based interface.

Tyler Close - Introducer - App asking for introduction to service.

Dashboard to select between sources. .

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