Unified Marketing Messages

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This session was the first socialization of an effort within Identity Commons to create Unified Marketing Messages. This effort arises out of a common problem -- our customers are confused by the multiple identity technology messages. By agreeing on a common set of principles and common aspects of different identity technologies, along with a common lexicon, we can infuence individual marketing departments to create more unifying value propositions that help increase market demand overall.

ID Commons Action Group Charter

Identity Commons Unified Messages Workgroup

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Name Affiliation email address
Charles Andres Information Card Foundation candres@informationcard.net
Hank Mauldin Cisco
Dave Crocker Brandenberg
Lucy Lynch ISOC
Mary Ruddy Meristic
Alex Rosen Google
An Bui self
Cliff Gerrish Schwab

Didn't Attend but want to follow

Name Affiliation email address
Judi Clark DigitalIDcoach.com coach@DigitalIDcoach.com

Results: "Toward a Common Marketing Messages"

  • Identity Commons is the right place for the industry to collaborate on common marketing messages.
    • agreed upon terms
    • Principles
    • Relationship of Visible, and Invisible (to users) Identity Technologies
  • Group chartered to create:
    • Common terms, use examples
    • Playing field basics; input to trade associations
    • Links to specific product and industry details
      • For users
      • for Businesses
      • For Marketing Departments
      • For analysts


Next Steps: Continue to refine the definitions Get Open ID, ICF