Standard Information Sharing /Label

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Standard Information Sharing Label (T3G)

Convener: Joe A.

Notes-taker(s): Braden Maccke

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Creates a “Sharing Terms” sheet, similar to a Nutritional Facts label.

When a user searches Google (for example), user will be able to click on an icon to display the terms label outlining:

DTA Referencing Label:

  • Where: Physical location of data.
  • Who: Google, Inc
  • What: Form Data (search query)
  • From: HTML Form (form may be highlighted on click w/ “show me” button)
  • When: Interactive / On submit
  • Why: Recommend Websites
  • For How Long: Indefinitely
  • Output To: Resulting Web Pages
  • Addt’l Terms: Aggregated Products
  • Related Agreements: This or that, etc…. http://
  • 3rd Party Ratings: AFF / ACLU / etc (like an ebay feedback rating) / Or your personal network…

S* torage (of the record of this agreement): Place this record is being stored. (portable

  •  ? Redistribution: who’s it going to.

“Data Laundering” – With the form, the user has been notified, had an opportunity to understand it, and can’t come back and say they were misinformed.

3 Steps

  • Label
  • Trust Framework Agreement
  • Default Terms – ultimately users set their own terms.

Standard Terms

Semantic data


Add location – Storage?

Button State – Reviewed?

Explain purpose binding

Redistribution terms

Multiple form?