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Session Topic: Real Estate Use Cases: Problems, Solutions, Opportunities (E.g. Aging In Place)

Wednesday 3C

Convener: Bill Wendel

Notes-taker(s): Doc Searls

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Setting the stage:

  • The home is the major component of the built environment where we spend our time
  • It has appliances that can track their life cycle information: refrigerator, heater, hot water heater, air conditioner, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer
  • It has communication and mains infrastructure: electricity, phone, internet, television
  • it has a very rare ownership transfer cycle, and a very long "own" cycle
  • Omie, a table being developed by Customer Commons, has no "silo" and is individual-centered. We can consider the Omie as the table for the home
  • If Omie was the "GUI for the connected home", imagine it set in the wall near the door

Registering devices in the home:

  • Science fiction, a possible gestural language for registering devices
  • Square tag could do registration via QR code
  • Read write near field
  • Scott Jensen ( the connected home is not just, lights to go on when I get home. Because the logic is mind boggling--is someone sleeping? who is in the bed? The permutations are mind boggling. The programming languages are currently way too simple.
  • See Zada, a silo that is solving these problems
  • the "aging in Place" movement, 125 4th parties or villages, who help operate the home on behalf of elderly people
  • Angie's list--advertising home services


  • Appliances have a class code (barcode) not an instance code
  • Bigger appliances may have the serial number expressed in a bar code
  • Stealth connectivity--two stories, the Samsung TV story and the GE dishwasher story. Calling out, the Samsung TV reported all behavior by default, just because that function was built-in--Samsung was not even collecting the data.
  • How do we make this less scary (that everything is connected)?
  • Perhaps the data could be sent via the electric network. Electricity is great because it is daily, active.
  • It could be a diagnostic tool
  • User as the point of integration--the user has to put all the pieces together
  • Community group could get this going--we could gamify an entire block. But community means mutual trust, there might be issues with that.
  • In real estate there is an essential issue, who owns the data behind the listing? A power and manuals device could allow intent casting of a for sale offer, could even intentcast for-sale intentions years in advance. If this is under control fo the owner, it would be a game changer.

Comparing Home device with Fuse (device for a car)

  • Fuse gathers all the data of your car in one place
  • chariman told Phil: if you have all the data on how the car was maintained, that would cause a differential in the price
  • Each fuse has a unique UUID, this could be mapped to an XDI name (=windley*fleet_ford_truck)

Proposals for 'a beginning'

  • At the end of the real estate transaction, you get a house gift: a tablet with everything on it that relates to the home
  • Like the drawer with all the manuals
  • Replace the "drawer"
  • Include the financials, the escrow, the mortgage documentation
  • Low hanging fruit: power consumption of each device in real time
  • Compare with Make a training course, on how to do a
  • each house could have an =10.main.street address in the cloud; is a related effort by the builders, a response to failures in the MLS
  • runs the most digitally advanced real estate firm, they have an annual convention

Why a device and not hosted, in the cloud?

  • Dropbox could do this!
  • Physical device is more concrete
  • Alzheimers/elderly, more concrete and discoverable


  • GE had to re-flash a rinse cycle SW, and it required a truck visit. So now, GE dish washers have a GSM card in them. It could be sending back user information.


  • Visualization of power consumption
  • Possible machine learning based on the electric consumption
  • Static stuff: the user manual of every device in the home

Aging at home list: they offer

  • acupuncture at home
  • airpot transportation
  • ambulance service
  • appliance sales and repair
  • assisted living
  • audio/visual repair
  • auto repair/maintenance
  • baby gear rentals
  • bicycle repair/sales
  • bill pay/bookkeeping
  • book/record disposal
  • carpenter
  • carpet cleaning
  • catering
  • cell phone tutor
  • chimney repair
  • chimney sweep
  • computer repair
  • contractor
  • dentist
  • doctor
  • dog walking
  • downsizing
  • driver
  • driveway repair
  • driving evaluation
  • driving instruction
  • dry cleaning
  • elder service organizations
  • electrician
  • emergency response system
  • event planner
  • florist
  • food preparation
  • food/meal delivery
  • gardener
  • funeral information
  • furniture repair
  • geriatric care consultant
  • grocery shopping service
  • hair salon
  • etc...