Q&A with Sovrin Foundation Executive Director

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Q&A with Sovrin Foundation Executive Director

Day/Session: Wednesday 3I

Convener: Heather Dahl

Notes-taker(s): Heather Dahl

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Overview of the Sovrin Foundation:

• Established September 29, 2016

• Technology: Sovrin Network, Hyperledger Indy (supplier of code)

• 501(c)(4): In order for an identity to truly be decentralized, it must remain forever under the identity owner’s control & never be subject to whims, weaknesses, or future prospects of any centralized entity

• Provisional Network Launched: 2016

• 50+ Stewards

• 19 Sovrin Community Boards, Councils, Working Groups

o Dr. Phil Windley, Chair, Board of Trustees
o CEO: Heather Dahl
o CTO: Nathan George
o CFO: Roy Avondett
o CMO: Helen Garneau
o Steward Operations: Steve Fulling
o Employees: 20
o Based: Provo, UT

What are the Foundation’s goals?

• One Year:

o Financial Independence
o Technical & Ecosystem Independence & Diversity
o Create Supportive Sovrin Communities
o Build Sustainable Operations to Support Network’s Growth

What has the Foundation been up to?

2018 Achievements:

Overall Foundation

• Collaboration agreement between Foundation & Evernym

• Developing Foundation playbook for strategy, goals, KPI’s, metrics & transparency

• New Provo office

• 5-year budget projections

• Hired staff

• Established economic advisory council & task force

• Best practices HR training for full & part time staff

• I4A mission, strategy, & team


• 50+ Stewards

• Restructured SQC

• All Stewards Calls

• Steward onsite event

• Expanded Steward relationship team

• Updated Steward agreement

• TFv2

• Dedicated Foundation counsel

• Steward portal


• Visual branding

• Community and external newsletters

• Sovrin case studies

• Sovrin video series

• New website (November)

• Monthly Steward marketing call-in (December)

• Brand book & Sovrin usage guidelines

• Sovrin events & sponsorship support

• PR & social media support with new Steward approvals


•Technology acceptance process 1.6 network

•Expanded team to support technical requests

•Increased Sovrin community agent repository

•Supporting open source development

•Sovrin code testing

What can I anticipate from the Foundation?

Looking Forward

•October 2018: Live Network

•November 2018: New Website & White Paper

•December 2018: Trust Framework v.2 & Steward Agreement Signed

•TBD 2019: Launch Sovrin Alliance

•February 2019: Blockchain Africa Sovrin Featured Speakers

•April 2019: Sovrin Summit Conference

•May 2019: Inaugural Sovrin Alliance Worshop Series

•July 2019: Sovrin Developer Bootcamp

•August 2019: My Data

•September 2019: Hyperledger Member Summit

•October 2019: Internet Identity Workshop