Proposed Topics IIW10

From IIW

What topics are you planning to present about or lead a discussion about at IIW?


  • Federated Identity
  • Federated Directory Services
  • governance & risk allocation in federation
  • evolving identity federation
  • Distributed Identity Management
  • Making decentralized identity work.
  • OIX trust frameworks, XDI personal data stores
  • Using DNS and ENUM for Identity Management (delegation/management to end-user with federative framework)


  • Identity Assurance
  • implementing higher levels of assurance
  • Where voice biometric-based Authentication might fit with ID mgt.
  • Verification of identity using telco-grade data in real time.
  • Identity Proofing on the Web

Portability, Privacy, VRM

  • Supporting sharing
  • Portability Policy and the Legal Layer; Portability effects on Privacy
  • privacy aspects.
  • Data openness and privacy
  • Innovative ideas for the protection of users in identity systems
  • Avoiding Treating Digital Identity as Property
  • VRM


  • How many identities does a user want?
  • How many identities does a user want?
  • Faceted identities, Alter-egos, Design, Presentation of Self
  • Global Domination

OpenID & OAuth

  • OpenID Foundation Plans for 2010
  • OpenID RP at Google
  • OAuth WRAP 2.0
  • Corporate OpenID, OAuth
  • OpenID, OAuth, PortableContacts
  • OpenID, OAuth
  • OpenID, OAuth
  • OpenID, OAuth, Identity


  • APIs for information about people and companies
  • Activity Streams
  • Salmon
  • XRD provisioning and dashboards, Salmon for reputation networks
  • User-Managed Access
  • The Open Web stack for The Small Business Web
  • Web (in)security
  • NASCAR for Sharing (OExchange, XAuth, WebFinger, and a Personal-Discovery Use-Case)


  • active clients
  • Active Clients
  • Identity in the Browser
  • identity in the browser, openid connect, activity streams


  • service provider contract mgmt & identity
  • Other disciplines that inform identity, Identity management services market
  • maybe health/med
  • The need for accountability, transparency, and open competition in trust frameworks
  • E-identity as a two sided market


  • Not sure, maybe about online payments
  • Financial data sharing, single sign on
  • International OpenIdentity Alignment
  • Open Researcher & Contributor ID (ORCID)


  • vrm for government
  • possibly enum, idm @ government, semantics

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at IIW?


  • evolving identity federation
  • How decentralized identity can work.
  • current status of distributed identity interaction
  • how to implement cross site identity/authentication without confusing the * out of users


  • Accountability, transparency, and open competition in trust frameworks
  • attribute trust issues
  • Mobile commerce, building trust, better user experience
  • authentication, pape, oix


  • what are reasonable privacy expectations for social networks?
  • Interweaving technical and policy promises
  • Intersection of Identity and privacy
  • User experience, privacy
  • privacy, trust, and reputation related to internet identity

Ownership, VRM, Portability

  • Who is thinking about Identity, Privacy, and taking control of our Digital Property together?
  • VRM
  • Data sharing
  • data ownership
  • personal data management/exchanges; privacy concerns; single-sign-on options like openID
  • consent, context, user expectations
  • New techniques in slavery
  • Claims management


  • how are identity management services being sliced and diced?
  • How identity standards and technologies are progressing towards business as well as personal use online
  • consumer identity management, business case for idm
  • Financial and location identity
  • How to structure EID service propositions for 1) persons/entities and 2) relying parties
  • Managed Shib Service

OpenID & OAuth

  • How mobile application on open id technologies can coexist
  • infocards, OAuth, openid, enum
  • OpenID v.Next, OpenID/WRAP convergence, AX 1.1/2.0
  • Hybrid onboarding
  • OAuth futures, next-generation claims-based identity
  • openid v_next
  • Enterprise adoption of OpenID
  • OpenID v.Next, Hybrid Protocols, IDIB
  • Latest on OpenID, profile exchange tech, VMS
  • Why is OpenID failing in the market vs. Login with Facebook?
  • OpenID, personal data stores
  • online payments, future of OpenID & OAuth
  • How open identity standards, such as OpenID and OAuth, might be married effectively to telco-based solutions
  • Adapting OpenID+OAuth for provisioning, licensing, and billing
  • UMA, OAuth directions, Activity Streams
  • oauth wrap, open graph api, @anywhere
  • OAuth 2.0, Openid hybrid, WRAP
  • OAuth WRAP, WebFinger, Salmon, XMPP
  • conformance; heterogeneity; OAuth vs Mutant OAuth vs XAuth
  • User-centric in the enterprise, openID. OAuth 2.0, XAuth/auth, user centric use cases; IDPsof the future
  • OAuth, UMA, OpenID, OpenID CX
  • Protocol Convergence


  • Desktop/heavy clients
  • multi-protocol selectors
  • The further adventures of Action Cards...


  • I want to understand the community that attends IIW.
  • Forthcoming solutions for internet identity management
  • dial in on state of the art
  • Why Identity matters
  • Face to face meetup
  • contacts and developments
  • Cross promotion
  • identity

What are the critical questions about user-centric identity you hope to discuss with peers at IIW?


  • What makes an identity partner trusted and what can a trusted identity partner do with user behavior data and still maintain trust?
  • User understanding of trust characteristics
  • trust framework (do we need a 4 party system?), verified claims and contract exchange
  • trust and reputation models for identity systems

User behavior

  • Just how active users are in managing their info
  • What must an IdM do to ensure that users own their own identity?
  • How user can claim their own identity?
  • How much process can we throw away and still get UCI benefits?
  • how do we get regular users to know how to express their identity online?
  • How user can claim their own identity


  • How to make user-centric identity separate from URL management/ownership
  • How can our identity be verified online contextually without giving up control of our Digital Personal Property to third parties?
  • profile rights


  • Creating user-centric privacy policies
  • Managing personas and privacy
  • "user experience, privacy, ""social"" implications, semantics, branding, …"
  • managing privacy, getting the defaults right
  • How will users be able to link to their friends' identities without violating their friends' privacy?
  • User centric protocols – how does it all fit together; privacy issues, assurance levels and user centric ID
  • What are the scary risks associated with the explosion of personal data available?


  • can government 2.0 work without user centric identity?
  • What infrastructural support has tobe in place in order to enable gov2.0? (and some more)
  • Why is slavery abolished
  • international legal implications
  • International Open Identity Alignment

OpenID & OAuth

  • How will OpenID begin to support strong auth scenarios?
  • OpenID discovery, multiauth
  • OpenID v.Next
  • How to adapt OpenID for business/employment identities
  • OAuth, WRAP, OAuth 2.0, and UMA

Other protocols & clients

  • Decoupling protocol for interactions and message format: PubSubHubbub
  • Such a tiny box! Browser ID support, automatic account management discovery, webfinger, XRDprovisioning, activitystreams...
  • Universal Login eXperience
  • claims dictionaries, personal data stores


  • Developer simplicity
  • How to support sharing


  • Provisioning
  • digital identity and phone identification

Structure, Standardization

  • organization structures that promote the adoption of Open Identity
  • When is the right point to standardize this stuff?
  • Will an open or a defacto standard end up solving the internet identity problem?


  • How to use identities for a broad range of services?
  • how to explain and sell to the business
  • How to survive 2010


  • What are you doing to make decentralized identity work?
  • Transportability