Portable Contexts

From IIW

Convener: Joe Andrieu, Switch Book, http://switchbook.com/

Note Taker: Virginie de Bel-air, Orange Labs

How can a user keeps track and manage context to share with the sites he/she is visiting

Context: ambient, active (active implicit or explicit)

How could it look like?

Could be a cross-site cookie with semantics that I can control
Portable data store

A. Use-cases:

  • search (different level if intent from browsing to be ready to transact)
  • status update
  • customer support

B. Content -> what should be in the portable context document?


  1. Implicit: actions/ attention
  2. Explicit: interim work product
    1. discovery (image, html)
    2. excel data set
    3. flash file

* PII by reference 

  • Ambient by reference

  • The environment (time, at work, weather....)

* Permissions

C. Format/ Protocols 
RDF document

Subject Pre Object

I.e: user queried travel trip

Departs city LA

Arriv City HNL


W3C work:

 Delivery context

Describing human activities

D. How to share?

Discovery: Web sites could have link on their websites that could be discoverable where one can plug the portable context
Sites need to have server ability to understand what is being sent

Conditions: only data that can be sent is an ontology that is understood by the “data store” and that can be presented in a meaningful manner to the user and that the user can edit 

E. What type of tool?

Switchbook has a IE plugin

Yahoo Search Monkey (collects searches in digital scrap book)

Browser can do that

Should be editable