Planning the next OSIS Interop

From IIW

Convener: OSIS Committee Members

Notes-taker:Mike Jones

The OSIS session at IIW during which we planned themes for the 5th OSIS Interop was lightly attended. Attendees were: Charles Andres, Denise Tayloe, Mike Jones

Based on the input to OSIS as of today, these are the interop themes planned for inclusion in I5:

  • Deeper OpenID feature testing – already a plan of record. Owner John Bradley.
  • Compliance with the OASIS standard versions of WS-Trust and WS-SecurityPolicy. Owner Mike Jones.
  • Ongoing Interop. Pamela Dingle has agreed to clone the I4 portions of the wiki to create the I5 wiki pages.
  • Use of verified claims, starting with the ICF age-18-or-over claim. Owner Charles Andres.

These possible themes had been discussed, but heretofore no specifics or owners have emerged, and therefore unless this changes, will not be included in I5:

  • Situational interop. (Although one could consider the “use of verified claims” theme to be a situational interop, so we could declare victory here.)
  • Concordia scenarios. These could still be included but would need precise definitions and owners very soon.

Yours for the interop committee,

  • Mike