Philosophy of Conscious Body w/Tech, ID Experience & S.O.U. Sovereign Ownership Under Law Prize 10M

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Philosophy of Consciousness, Psychology, Technology, Body Identity -- How Tech Helps Us Come Alive, Designing Ourselves

Wednesday 3E Convener: Denise Aurora Notes-taker(s): Denise Aurora

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

philosophy, psychology, consciousness, technology, devices, futures, mind technology, mindfulness, wellness, designing ourselves, humanity, technology of self, know thyself

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

discussed/ideas considered: • Human Value Based Technologies • To Know Thyself is to Know how we operate • Humans as Technology • Experience Gravity • Designing Ourselves • Resolution of Self • The human mind as sets of commands and operations • These algorithms, habits, commands, operations coming from Human Value as opposed to advertising & persuasion incentives • Human Insight Technologies • Technology for Human Enchantment & Paradise Earth

Key Understandings It’s key to build systems that are human oriented and may be operated from the insight of an individual rather than external factors that would like us to buy their product and boost their economy. Releasing the stronghold of advertising and persuasion techniques and making systems, devices, communities that are human centered and human networked.

Outstanding Questions • In the networks of mind, what is the core self • who is the driver inside our personal embodied human technology • how do we program in insightful technologies for human resonant development • how do we come to a greater resolution of self so that we may make and build systems that are within the sense of the human paradigm’s forward activation of a good life, paradise on earth, and re-enchantment • How do we build systems & external devices that are human insightfully oriented

Observations • we don’t have a specific way of identifying ourselves to ourselves nor each other • many technologies are built for ad based incentives, the selling and buying of products & services pushed upon us, rather than chosen insightfully • We must create systems that are oriented toward human insight • Human’s must become more insightful, and have a higher resolution of self knowledge to make systems that matter to humanity rather than being shapeshifted by Artificial Intelligences built from our ignorances.

Action items/Next steps

• Come into higher resolution of self by knowing thyself • have a core network system that we each operate from and can be checked from (thought of “Identity”) • Create Human technologies of Insight • Help support human centered creations such as workshops, talks, writings, use cases & stories, specifications, and technologies that are human spirited technology • Support VibeScience • Get on email list, become a member, email • Review Denise’s site from time to time for updates at • Denise would love to compose media in regards to the contents of these notes in the likes of articles, uses cases, stories, scripts and entrainment systems and technologies -- chosen according to the bubble/vortex, we’d each love to create. Grateful for any and all support to help make this happen. • Support the human futurist, technologies & artist bring her life offerings into thriving existence ________________________________________ Denise Aurora Notes Ancient Technology / Device • Original Technologies that are still surviving are made for Mind and Body Wellness • Sri Yantra, the Maha Yantra, is considered the “First Device” of technology in India • a “yantra” is a visual meditation, like a “mantra” is a verbal meditation • The Sri Yantra is a contemplative meditation tool that helps balance the mind’s thoughts and hemispheres of the brain through a code of interweaving geometries • It is gazed at in meditation • It is a human centered tool, a device that helps create harmonic landscapes in the mind body Technology of Self • comparing the human mind and body to technology • hypothesizing that developing a keen understanding of self will help us build technologies that augment enchanted realities for humanity • we may consider our bodies like instruments that we play through the knowledge of self • sense instruments • multi-sensory beings Know Thyself • Understand what’s happening in the inner networks of self • Thoughts, Images, Feelings in Mind • Contemplative Meditation as opposed to scattered brains • Connect with self and what’s happening within • Less Anxiety and Disease • Upgrades for minds and bodies Embodying Identity • What is Identity Really? • Identity is core to life and our values • It’s vague as there are so many inputs of how to evaluate it • In neurobiology & perception, we have interwoven networks, or constructs within our mind’s eye, and from there, we “see” ourselves through • What is at the core of all these networks? • Which ones are yours? • Which ones are 3rd party installations? • Know thy mind, body and self. • The container that holds it Networks of Mind • Neurobiology recognizing how mindscapes work and connecting them to thought and feeling • central nervous system control • autonomous nervous system, mindful suggesting and placebo effects • Executive Brain of the Prefrontal Cortex • Operating from the “Core Self” • Networks of Mind, Frames of Mind, Constructs of Mind • Mind States, Moving Living Information Systems within • Algorithms of Operation, Habits of Mind, Programs of Mind • Installation Processes, what’s installed in our Mind and in our Systems, where do they come from? • Who’s the authority? • “I am the CEO of Myself” Virtual Embodiment • Virtual Realities are quickly coming upon us • What do we want to create here? • How can we have high resolution in the creation of our technologies that augment our minds and bodies • who owns the devices connected to ourselves • whose in control of them? • How autonomous are we? • How do we make sure that we’re the authority of our systems? • Who do we trust with the keys? • As we make new technologies, we’re going through a Resolution Revolution • A Resolution of Self Revolution • High resolution of self, makes high resolution of technology • We’re going High Def. Singularity & Resolution • Singularity as in the moment where technology and human embodied self merge • Where we become one with our technological creations • Where the Resolution of Self Knowledge becomes key • Where the Revolution of Self • and Revolution of Technology • are Similar • are coherent • Or may come into as we • Go towards the singularity Gravity of self • What makes decisions and commands • Making Insightful technology • Media of self • Technology of Self • Instruments of Divine • Feminine and Masculine coming together to make.. Attractions and Gravity • looking at science and the earth, we may compare our own bodies to celestial bodies • what orbits around us? how does it interplay with us? • what are we attracted to? • what are we magnetized to? • what conducts sparks in our circuitry? • what energizes us? • what saps our energy?

Inputs/Outputs, Sense & Perception • in the body of self we have the ability to receive and to send signal • choosing how to send signals • choosing how to receive signals • sense is the receptivity to signal • perception is what we do with the signal • comparing this to embodied technologies, what signals do we want available to receive • what signals do we want to input • exchange of data • data knowledge may create frameworks of perception • changing the frameworks of perception • changing the input/output • choosing what to sense • capability of brain to sense • attention economy • intention economy Augmented Bodies • devices that we carry around, that we wear, that become one with ourselves • that become a part of our networks of mind and how we operate in the world • the importance of this being controlled by our sovereignty and not being controlled by outside institutions, governances and persuasive technologies that do not have us, our hearts, our humanness in mind • Not to be enslaved by technology • to be freed by technology • to become more insightful of ourselves and with the technology we don ourselves, our systems, our networks, our frameworks with Bubbles / Vortices / Structures • With the bubble of knowledge being compromised and owned by others, we’d like to have full knowledge and disclosure of what’s happening with our information, how it’s being used • Inputs & Outputs • Perceptions • Attention • Intention • Structures of Interplay • Architecting and Designing Our Own Realities • Human Insight vs. Targeted Advertising Data Collecting Incentive • Making technology that is ad incentive • Money oriented paradigm for collecting personal information • Co-opting our Attention for their persuasive technologies & desired effects -- not ours • Using information to know about us so that our information may be used to puppet us • Being our Own Authority • Personal information owning and sharing Owning Self / Holding Information • Holding all of our own information • Technology of Self • Insight • Mirror Neurons • Mimicry • Creating a Sovereign Identity • Being our own authority, commander

Existing Communities • there are communities who operate on these tenets • who are building relations based on interplay and exchange of data that is considered fair use • the ICO’s are assisting with building new economic models based on human value • Collaborative Creation • Conscious Creation • Holochain and other communities are exploring and implementing collaborative, value based structures • Human Value is often based on Emotional Value not Bank Value not Advertising Value, not Product Value • Human Value First

Designing Ourselves • With the knowledge of how the human mind operates, and as we create systems to augment our reality • With the future of entrainment systems • How do we Design & Architect Ourselves, being the lead of our own personal creation • Knowing who to trust • We are our Own Authority • Being Authentic to Self • And being able to Shift the bubbles of self that are already in operation • Personal Upgrades are like computer upgrades • Upgrading Mind & Body through knowledge of self, knowledge of how the mind/body works, and with the assistance of technology • let’s do this, let’s make awesomeness within so that we may calibrate with each other in harmonic resonance! • this is our song

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