Personal Data and Gamification---Consumer use case Brainstorming focus on *Fun *Beneficial *Opt-In

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Session Topic: Fun Applications for Personal Data

Wednesday 5H

Convener: Peter Stepman

Notes-taker(s): Barb Bowen, Peter Stepman

Barb Notes:

Background: Venture Capital Fund in London and L.A. Investing in Consumer applications for personal data. Media background, and incubator for ecosystem

Goal: Brainstorming ideas for gamification elements in apps around personal data.

Model: Introduce gamification to engage user. Playful, competitive and educational points to gain customer interest in building personal and digital identity:

  • Opt-in
  • Adds Value
  • Smart
  • Respectful
  • Fun

Possible applications and market sectors for new and fun solutions:

  • Dataing
  • Retail
  • Food/Drink
  • Sports
  • Travel Geobased
  • Therapy Wellness
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Flaneur/Discovery
  • Compare
  • Lifecoach
  • Learning

How do we avoid the creepiness factor?

What is the line of privacy and exploitation?

Where is the information coming from?

Are recommendations helpful?

Idea- Sherpa button in browser. Selective sharing and following in web browser, a button that gathers relevant data and ignores behavior that is private. Creates a bubble space that gets smart based on your data sharing points.

In the future data gathering and algorithms will bring a more accurate perception for suggestions and future behavior projections.

What if there was a hit me button to search and analyze real time offer data in shopping context. Local and super relevant personas can be created based on location.

Pattern building in addition to personal insight add a level of authentic relationship.

Watching videos and buying books with suggestions and selective disconnect.

Results in search are significantly different based on login or logout status.

There is an explosion in relevance of search based on context and explicit contract of exchange of service for data gathering. Collection and brokering are trade offs for free services.

  • How are people going to go off the grid when desired? There may be a future application sector in a screen for incognito mode.
  • What if we assigned gamification attributes such as badges to companies and service providers? Net promoter scores as an example.
  • What insight could be gained from corporate leader boards? and AngiesList are examples of unique models. These business also have founder with a branded personality.

Peter Notes:

We thought we would add to the list of requirements/success factors created in a previous session. These points could help us create personal data [PD] use cases that were fun and compelling to the person without disturbing or threatening them (the “creepy” factor).

These services touch the core of the person and thus are very personal, emotional, and intimate, and every individual will interpret the service in a different way, so it’s important to understand the individual well before starting.

1. The person must understand the service completely and opt-in

2. The value and benefits of the service must be clearly communicated and truly add value to the person’s life

3. The service must be clearly intelligent/smart and demonstrate that thought and care has been taken in its development and implementation

4. The service must be responsive and respectful to the individual

5. The individual should feel that they are a partner with the service provider in co-creating the experience

6. It should be a fun service (qualified per person)

7. The service should offer convenience

8. The service should have a personality or be tied to a trusted, respected and loved personality. Angie’s List ( was offered as a great example of compelling service tied to someone’s personality.

9. The service should be sensitive and request permission before doing things, especially anything that may be perceived as being “creepy.”

When thinking of content/service areas for such PD analytics services, these came up as potential launching points:

  • Rating companies with a leaderboard
  • Mechanism for vetting companies/people
  • App.Net
  • Comparison engines
  • Life coach
  • Learning new things
  • Becoming a Flâneur (strolling along without a clear goal and being open to spontaneous social/cultural events)

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