Personal Data Startups Connect and Catalyze – next steps and PDEC StartUp Map (stages, models, patterns)

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Session Topic: Personal Data Ecosystem Mapping

Wednesday 2J

Convener: Kaliya Hamlin

Notes-taker(s): Darren Lancaster, mmindd labs, @thecommunityguy

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered: Building the personal data ecosystem map

First approach for the map was segmenting:

IIW15 W2J 1.png

Second approach for the map was based on everyone’s thoughts on roles/players that are required for the ecosystem:

IIW15 W2J 2.png

The main components of the map:

• Verification

• Info mediary

• Infrastructure

• Group oriented

Questions that arised in creating the map:

• To whom is your fiduciary duty? Who are you responsible to? Acknowledgement that most of us are responsible to the consumer (at least indirectly), but many players (esp. in infrastructure) have a direct responsibility to the data/app/services providers.

Highest volume of players are involved in building personal data stores. A few folks are building something that helps enable groups of people to connect their personal data stores.

Venture funding:

• Personal


• Singly

Others are angel funded.