Personal Analytics and Insight for Consumers – using Personal Data to Enlighten the Individual

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Session Topic: Personal Data Analytics and Insights: Using Personal Data to Delight & Enlighten the Consumer

Tuesday 1F/5B

Convener: Peter Stepman

Notes-taker(s): Peter Stepman

We first wanted to create a list of requirements necessary in order to create personal data [PD] analytics services that would be compelling to the person without disturbing or threatening them (the “creepy” factor).

These services touch the core of the person and thus are very personal, emotional, and intimate, and every individual will interpret the service in a different way, so it’s important to understand the individual well before starting.

1. The person must understand the service completely and opt-in

2. The value and benefits of the service must be clearly communicated and truly add value to the person’s life

3. The service must be clearly intelligent/smart and demonstrate that thought and care has been taken in its development and implementation

4. The service must be responsive and respectful to the individual

5. The individual should feel that they are a partner with the service provider in co-creating the experience

When thinking of content/service areas for such PD analytics services, these came up as potential launching points:

• Dating (we thought would have the most potential with least adoption resistance in the short-term)

• Personality Quizzes highlighting fun aspects

• Therapy-Lite (dealing with health, body issues, etc.)

• Education: helping people find the right customized path to learning something

• Career training and transition advice

• Information and Knowledge Networks: finding exactly what you need quickly

• Personalization Services (e-shopping, etc.)

• Accessibility for the differently abled

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