OAuth and OpenID

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OpenID + OAuth

how can get openid and oauth to work together?

right now the client flow for openid is... client --> SP --> iDP [login] --> --> SP authorize --> client

can we make it... client--> (SP) --> iDP directly --> (SP) --> client

turning oauth into an openid extension? keturn did this before...

how do make the user experience better?

  • we could do this with an openid provider extension

openid provider could tie together tokens with identification.. centralize the process of authorization

part of this is single sign-on...

it's easy if the relying party is the token service provider...

as a group do we want to solve only openid OP and SP being the same?

eran gave an example of his oauth-openid nouncer flow

consumer asks sp for request token and providers the openid url... hint is in request request, authorization is in callback url, if there was an openid extension to ask questions (like "by logging in, you're also allowing access from this provider") then it would be client --> iDP --> client...

issue with this idea is that the iDP will not have a trust relationship with

if you're an openid and oauth provider, how do we reduce the friction?


  • no plaxo account, has yahoo account/openid
  • goes to plaxo, never been before... so you login to plaxo with openid
  • plaxo creates account with openid account...
  • next: plaxo matches that yahoo has a calendar... now, in addition to sreg, it says do you want to import calendar without an additional step?
  • yahoo passes back oauth token

AOL did it with token exchange for OpenID... token attributes, plus profile attributes Dick suggests attribute exchange

might have some redundant associations...

this flow is like adding facebook apps

isn't identity on provider just one of the assets on the iDP?