Monday Program

From IIW

TENTATIVE Monday Afternoon Program starting at 1pm

It includes a presentation by an active Newbie sharing his perspective on what the space is about - Ryan Jensen who has been an amazing active reader of the community blogs and writing about it as Dr. Star Cat

Everyone will get a hand out of all the community project one pagers (please update them if you are responsible for one)

Presentations about 5 centers of gravity in the community we see The VENN OF IDENTITY

  • OpenID - David Recordon
  • SAML/Liberty Alliance - Paul Madsen
  • i-cards - Pamela Dingle
  • Data sharing/linking - Drummond Reed
  • Vendor Relationship Management Project - Chris Carfi

AT 3:30 PM we will be all together - considering "what useful things can we do" please be there for this if you feel all up to speed on "everything". We think that the presentations will be informative for those already familiar with the landscape it has moved forward since we last were together - so we encourage you all to get there at 1PM.