Mental Models of Identity

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Mental Models of Identity

Wednesday 4I

Convener: Joe Andrieu

Notes-taker(s): Matthew Schutte

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion, action items, next steps:

SECURITY - focused on bodies. Reducing to a singularity Freedom From. I want to feel secure. Space-time travel data

LIBERTY - about how I engage with society, how I am tracked etc. Should not be reduced to my physicality. Privacy is about contextual integrity. Liberty is about multiplicity. “I am a different Joe to different people because I reveal different pieces of information. Pseudonym / Alias / Persona. Freedom From. Gay Joe.

DATA - This is about specificity. Example: ISO defined. Your identity is a set of attributes related to you. The engineer saying “look, I got to build the system. Just tell me what goes in the database.” Bundle of attributes. Point in time.

COMPLEXITY - emergence. Identity emerges as a result of interactions. Association. Complex Adaptive System. Ever changing. Time Happens (continuum / endpoints / continuous). Drunk John. Group. Context (spiritual / cultural). Organisms, including social organisms:

  • sense
  • interpret
  • decide
  • prioritize
  • act

Others Looking IN: Security / Data

Reductive / Define: Security / Data

Self Looking OUT: Liberty

Relationship (both): Complexity

Elements of: Data

Values: Liberty / Complexity

Identifier: Security / Data? (Identifier as observer)

Identified: Security / Liberty

Verified Anonymous: Security / Data