Manifold – Give Your Things an Identifier

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Manifold: Give Your Things an Identifier

Day/Session:Wednesday 5E

Convener:Bruce Conrad

Notes-taker(s): Bruce Conrad

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Manifold, picos

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Manifold (see is the user experience for picos (see

We think of picos as virtual computers in the cloud (or wherever they are hosted) which are very inexpensive to launch. Every thing that we care to model corresponds to a pico. Ideally, the pico would be created even before the thing was manufactured, and would follow the thing through its lifespan, and even continue to exist after the physical thing was no more.

​Picos have an identify and provide communication channels to other picos and outside entities. Each channel is identified by a DID and so messages can be encrypted and/or signed.

We talked in more detail about a couple of examples: an automobile, a supply chain, and land records.