Life Digital Self

From IIW

Life Digital Self (AI, HUB, DB, DID, SSI)

Thursday 12I

Convener: Liam Broza

Notes-taker(s): Liam Broza

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This session continued from the first LifeScope talk. (Thursday Session 11B)

  • Went over alternative technologies to be reviewed in implementing LifeScope. (AI, HUB, DB, DID, SSI)
  • Screening of the LifeScope “war room” commercial
  • Went over AI plans and LifeScope Capture.
  • Went through a long discussion of the emerging Human Digital Twin industry and how this affects IIW, SSI, and current data politics.
  • Continued into a deep architectural discussion of LifeScope and solicited aid from the community.

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