IIW 38 Speed Demo Hour

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IIW 38 Speed Demo Hour / Wednesday April 17 1:30PM - 2:30PM

Brought to Us by Danube Tech https://danubetech.com/


1. OpenID Foundation conformance tests for OpenID for verifiable credentials: Joseph Heenan URL: https://openid.net/how-to-certify-your-implementation/ OIDF has tests that issuers and wallets correctly & securely implement OpenID for Verifiable Credential Issuance / OpenID for Verifiable Presentation specifications, with ISO mDL or SD-JWT VC - we demo them, explain their limitations and how you can test your own implementations.

2. Infisign Inc. / Infisign Identity and Access Management: Aditya Santhanam (CPO, Infisign Inc.) URL: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcAEEgfA7js Infisign is a cutting-edge identity and access management (IAM) platform that revolutionizes digital security by leveraging decentralized identity, passwordless authentication, federation, and privileged access management (PAM) capabilities. With its unique approach, Infisign addresses the challenges of traditional IAM systems and offers a comprehensive solution for modern identity management. For the demo, Infisign will showcase its Verifiable credentials issuance and wallet store and also demonstrate selective disclosure and verification using OpenID for VP protocols.

3. Trinsic Connect - Reusable identity verification using many types of trusted credentials: Michael Boyd URL: https://trinsic.id/connect - product info & https://pearbnb.app - demo site Showcasing how Trinsic Connect can verify new users from a number of sources including digital identity wallets, eID schemes, mDLs and verifiable credentials.

4. Cardano Foundation - Keri Mobile Wallet: Thomas Mayfield, Fergal O’Connor, Jaime Caso URL: https://identity.cardanofoundation.org/ Demonstration of KERI mobile wallet multi-sig AID and ACDC issuance. Demonstration of KERI secure tunnel browser extension.

5. 2060.io - Enabling trust in B2C conversational services: Fabrice Rochette & Ariel Gentile URL: https://2060.io Trust is becoming a serious issue in our day-to-day digital life. Discover how to provide secure chatbot-based Decentralized Trusted Services.

6. Credence ID: Navya Kumar & Yash Shah URL: https://credenceid.com/digital-id Verify with Credence™ (VwC™) is a digital ID verification solution designed for relying parties to accept and verify reusable digital IDs, such as Mobile Driver’s Licenses (mDLs) issued by various states and presented via digital wallets. The VwC™ platform comprises Credence ID IoT hardware device (Tap2iD™), Mobile Apps (Tap2iD Mobile™), and SDK for integrating relying party software, supporting multiple use cases. It ensures secure and privacy-preserving verification of digital ID documents, offering a smooth and intuitive user experience.

7. GoDiddy.com - Universal DID Services: Markus Sabadello - Danube Tech URL: https://godiddy.com/ GoDiddy.com is a hosted platform that makes it easy for SSI developers and solution providers to work with DIDs. It is based on open-source projects Universal Resolver & Registrar.

'8. cheqd Creds Studio: Alex Tweeddale URL: https://studio.creds.xyz/ No-code issuance platform for Verifiable Credentials. Claim your IIWXXXVIII credential and issue a credential to another person at the event.

9. The Vngle Grassroots News Agency (nonpartisan org): Blake Stoner - Founder of Vngle and Journalism Fellow at Stanford & USC’s Starling Lab for Data Integrity URL: www.vngle.com Decentralized provenance-based grassroots reporting on the 2024 American Battleground States Before the election, Vngle seeks to get more citizens involved in using provenance tools to help report on underrepresented issues that need more coverage. We want to demo & critique our process as we expand how we source verified local info for newsrooms from underreported areas.

10. Procivis AG/Procivis One (360° Decentralized Identity Solution): Kai Wagner, Head of Products & Partners URL: https://www.procivis.ch/procivis-one Procivis One, the multi stack Identity solution built with flexibility, performance, and compliance in mind. Its future proof API allows integrating identity interactions using any kind of Credential Format, Protocol, Identifier, etc..

11. Curity Identity Server - Verifiable Credential Issuance and Presentation: Pedro Felix and Tomas Micko URL: https://curity.io/ Showcase verifiable credential issuance and presentation using the OpenID DCP protocols, including a demo wallet.

12. Dfinity Foundation, demoing verifiable credentials on a decentralized authentication platform: Kai Peacock URL: https://identity.ic0.app Internet Identity is an authentication platform for decentralized identities. It allows apps to "Log in with Internet Identity", receiving an anonymous identity on each website for privacy purposes. To solve the problem of sharing information across websites that a user has logged into, we have introduced Attribute Sharing, a standardized strategy for sharing verifiable credentials across platforms, with user approval. I'll demo an example of KYC and age verification.

13. Csign, built by Good Future, LLC: Jon Bauer URL: https://www.csign.io Csign is a platform for 100% private signing, certifying and verifying agreements between parties using SSI and Blockchain

14. AyanWorks: Bhutan National Digital Identity & CREDEBL Platform: Ajay Jadhav, Kalyan Kulkarni URL: https://credebl.id Demo Description: This demo will help explain how the Bhutan National Digital Identity has rolled out Foundational Identity & other functional credentials by using CREDEBL Platform.

15. demo.didcomm.org - In Browser DIDComm Education and Testing Tool: Colton Wolkins, DIF DIDComm Users Group co-chair URL: http://demo.didcomm.org The DIDComm demo is a fully browser based tool that demonstrates the basics of DIDComm. We'll demo the tool, what it teaches, and how it can be used for light testing.

16. moda, Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taiwan; Taiwan DID-Wallet Project: mashbean (Yen-Lin Huang) URL: The TW-DIW Project Draft (English, Chinese) https://moda.gov.tw/en/digital-affairs/democracy-network/operations/6621 Taiwan is initiating a national-level DID/VC project called the TW-DIW Project. As part of our digital public infrastructure, we are formulating domestic verifiable credential standards to assist various government departments in issuing VCs and integrating them into wallet services. A demo will be presented outlining preliminary project details.

17. The Planet Earth Society Inc: Blaine Garst, Wizard URL: Http://theplanetearthsociety.com Sign up for The Dew - a point to point hardware personal everything system. Space, Grid, Social - we need identity from our friends & neighbors!

18. Polygon ID - ZK Powered Identity Tools: Otto Mora URL: https://www.polygonid.com/ Polygon ID is a set of tools for developers that can be used to facilitate trusted and secure relationships between apps and users. It enables the exchange of verifiable credentials and private information secured by zero knowledge cryptography and the blockchain.

19. FISE Technologies, demo-ing platform functions: Nara Lau, CEO & Founder URL: DNS: https://fiseportal.com/ ENS: fisetech.x Create your digital identity, and control your data in less than 2 minutes.

20. Turtle Shell as SensiNM,LLC: Moises E. Jaramillo URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FJXnpMU2JQ A Portable Personal Data Management Wallet and Platform which allows us to own, manage and view all our data regardless of its type.