IIW 37 Speed Demo Hour

From IIW

IIW 37 Speed Demo Hour / Wednesday October 11 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Brought to Us by Danube Tech https://danubetech.com/


1. Province of British Columbia - the BC Wallet: Clecio Varjao, Product Manager British Columbia’s Digital Identity and Trust Program URL: https://digital.gov.bc.ca/digital-trust/ The Government of the Province of British Columbia (Canada) is empowering people and businesses with safe and secure ways of identifying themselves online and communicating confidentially with others. Come see how BC is using government issued personal digital ID, and business registrations in combination with a new mobile verifier feature in BC Wallet leveraging open-source technologies.

2. 2060.io - Building DIDComm chatbots: Ariel Gentile and Fabrice Rochette URL: https://2060.io Using 2060 to create rich decentralized verifiable chat services, combining text, pictures, video and voice notes with the power of Verifiable Credentials.

3. Agama Lab Demo: Michael Schwartz, Founder/CEO Gluu URL: https://agama-lab.gluu.org Agama Lab is a low code developer tool which enables you to build custom web OpenID authentication flows. Register for free, manage and publish your projects from your own Github account; deploy Agama projects on Janssen Auth Server or the Janssen distribution of Keycloak--Agama is the easiest way to orchestrate the identity journeys that solve your specific business requirements.

4.Cedar: Jeff Lombardo URL: https://www.cedarpolicy.com/en Cedar is an open source language for defining permissions as policies, which describe who should have access to what. It is also a specification for evaluating those policies. Use Cedar policies to control what each user of your application is permitted to do and what resources they may access.

5. Farmworker Wallet OS low-code wallet engine: Jorge Flores URL: https://tac.openwallet.foundation/projects/fwos/Farmworker Wallet OS (FWOS) is an open-source digital wallet engine implemented with the Mendix low-code application platform. The FWOS wallet engine can be embedded into any Mendix application to support privacy-preserving digital trust interactions between peers.

6. Infisign Inc. / Infisign Identity Lifecycle Management: Aditya Santhanam (CPO, Infisign Inc.) URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcAEEgfA7js Infisign is a cutting-edge identity and access management (IAM) platform that revolutionizes digital security by leveraging decentralized identity, passwordless authentication, federation, and privileged access management (PAM) capabilities. With its unique approach, Infisign addresses the challenges of traditional IAM systems and offers a comprehensive solution for modern identity management. For the demo, Infisign will showcase its Identity Lifecycle Management capabilities, which will help enterprises manage their employee identity and application subscriptions during onboarding and exiting.

7. Aserto / Topaz: Omri Gazitt URL: https://www.topaz.sh , https://github.com/aserto-dev/topaz Topaz is an OSS authorizer that combines the best of policy-as-code / OPA with the relationship-based access control model described in Google's Zanzibar paper. Topaz is ideal for building fine-grained, policy-based, real-time access control for SaaS or internal applications.

8. IDLab's Digital Trust Test Bench: Patrick St-Louis - DevOps Specialist URL: https://www.idlab.org/en/digital-trust-test-bench/ My demo will test an Aries Mobile wallet against the Aries-Agent-Test-Harness integration. This will demonstrate issuance and verification interoperability between a mobile wallet and 2 aries reference frameworks.