IIW 36 Speed Demo Hour

From IIW

IIW 36 Speed Demo Hour / Wednesday April 19 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Brought to Us by Danube Tech https://danubetech.com/


1. SitePassword: Alan Karp URL: https://github.com/alanhkarp/SitePassword/blob/main/README.md SitePassword is a self-sovereign, full-function password manager that calculates your passwords instead of storing them. It puts you in control of the metadata used to sync across machines while allowing you to get your passwords from any browser. And the best part is it's free.

2. Clutch, demoing web3 Platform: Sheela Vats URL: app.clutchwallet.xyz Clutch is a web3 platform which provides account abstraction wallet ( browser extension, Dapp and mobile) and Decentralized social network with privacy.

3. Center Identity / Location-based key recovery: Matthew Vogel URL:https://centeridentity.com Current methods for key recovery are difficult, but we will demonstrate how easily a private key can be recovered with the visual memory of an end user. This makes user-centric identity feasible as passwords become obsolete in light of our new approach to securing digital assets!

4. Animo Solutions: Paradym: Timo Glastra URL: Paradym is a low-code builder for SSI solutions. Users can create YAML-based workflows with triggers and actions to seamlessly integrate verifiable credentials into their specific use cases. Paradym makes SSI development accessible by handling all infrastructure and complexity.

5. Entrustient Inc. The use of SSI and zero trust in the Workforce management system: Aditya Santhanam URL: https://entrustient.com/verifiable-credential-blockchain-solutions/ Entrustient is a no-code system for SSI governance where its customers can design, create and verify identity using Zero trust protocols. This demo will be focused on using this platform for the Workforce management system and how it's beneficial.

6. 2060.io DIDComm Chat: Ariel Gentile and Fabrice Rochette URL: https://2060.io 2060 is a set of open source tools that enable building rich decentralized chat services, combining text, pictures, video and voice notes with the power of Verifiable Credentials.

7. Dock: Nick Lambert, Elina Cadouri, Mike Parkhill URL: https://dock.io/ Issue Verifiable Credentials in a few clicks or with one API call. Dock Certs is a no-code, easy-to-use platform for issuing and verifying VCs and creating Decentralized Identifiers, and an API to enable organizations to add SSI functionality into their applications.

8. Dazzle / Dazzle Labs and Dazzle DAO: Johannes Ernst, Indie Computing Corp URL: https://dazzle.town/ What if you had all your personal data in a single place that you control? All your posts from Facebook, your orders from Amazon, maybe even your Tweets! And that no unaccountable vendor has ultimate control over?

9. Nextcloud Login with OpenID for Verifiable Credentials: Christian Bormann, Torsten Lodderstedt URL: https://openid.net/openid4vc/ & https://idunion.org/?lang=en We will show a complete flow from credential issuance into a native wallet to credential presentation for login into a Nextcloud instance. This demo was built in the IDunion project (a project founded by the German ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action). Over time, we implemented the flow with different credential formats (AnonCreds, LDP/BBS, SD-JWTs). The latest revision uses Selective Disclosure JWTs with hardware based cryptographic holder binding.

10. GoDiddy.com - Universal DID Services: Markus Sabadello - Danube Tech URL: https://godiddy.com/ GoDiddy.com is a hosted platform that makes it easy for SSI developers and solution providers to work with DIDs. It is based on open-source projects Universal Resolver and Universal Registrar.

11. RootsID – RootsWallet: Rodolfo Miranda, Lance Byrd, and Alex Andrei URL: https://rootswallet.com/ RootsWallet is an Android/iOS mobile chat app for connecting SSI products. RootsID will demonstrate different vendor agents messaging and exchanging verifiable credentials using open source software/standards including DIDComm v2 https://rootsid.com/

12. esatus AG, SOWL including use case “access tp Windows and other applications”: Dr. André Kudra, Azita Hosseini Nejad URL: SOWL – esatus AG Azita and André will demo how our SOWL solution suite enables users to log on to Windows and other software applications by means of verifiable SSI credentials. The demo includes an overview on onboarding users und issuing credentials

13. Microsoft, SpruceID, Ping Identity, IBM, Avast: Oliver Terbu, Kristina Yasuda, Andrew Hughes URL: https://identity.foundation/jwt-vc-presentation-profile/ Interoperable presentation of Verifiable Credentials between Wallets and Verifier built by different providers.

14. Authentic Identity: Jason Colburne - Qui Identity URL: https://qui.xyz Qui is enabling individuals to capture, own and share authentic data about their career and professional lives. We will take our users on a journey from custodial to on-device signing to balance user experience, education and control.

15. Indicio and Abacus: Dynamic Authorization with SSI Credentials: Mike Ebert and Jacob Siebach URL: no link yet Too often the subject of dynamic authorization utilizing SSI credentials is theoretical in nature, but no longer! We are pleased to present a working demonstration of a system that calls the Abacus authorization system to find out if a user is authorized for various actions, which integrates with Indicio Proven to check if the user has the verifiable credentials required to be authorized for the given actions. You can now set the policies to protect your endpoints, and use verifiable credentials as part of those policies, without hard-coding policies into your software!