IIW 34 Proposed Topics

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What topics are you planning to present about or lead a discussion about at this IIW?

  • The Identity Nexus, the personal data & identity market assessment, global trust study, factors influencing personal information management systems adoption.
  • Fully Decentralized Objects (didobjects), Unified Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Model, Structured Credential (SCred) Model for Business Documents
  • The case for verifiable credentials for health records
  • Methods recognizing and protecting the respect of, and intention of the individual within the digital landscape. How can/does the HumanOS (Human Nature) sense and respond to these forces in the favor of the individual's intentions. Disarming game space processes and suasion known to interfere with people/business as they navigate these connected systems.
  • Decentralized Identity
  • Self-Sovereign and Decentralized Identity, Verifiable Credentials and DIDs, FIDO
  • GoDiddy - Universal DID Platform
  • Denim Universal Chain Closure architecture
  • Decentralized identity in finance, blockchain, DeFi
  • Who knows!

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at IIW?

  • Factors influencing personal information management systems adoption, regulatory trends, enterprise adoption of PIMS and SSI, new and evolving standards.
  • Applications of Decentralized Identifiers for anything other than people or organizations
  • The latest emerging standards in SSI, DID Comm and Verifiable Credentials
  • I seek conversations related to all forms of building guardianship related to data, privacy and enforcing people's and company's intentions.
  • Self sovereign identity, decentralized identity
  • Credential exchange protocols, wallet interoperability
  • What's next!

What are the critical questions about user-centric identity and data you hope to discuss with peers at IIW?

  • Who do we establish a sustainable ecosystem of data exchange between people, public and private institutions? How do we help people care about their personal data and identity, and overcome the friction of managing it? How do we ensure we don't become digital saves?
  • Use of Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credential technologies for end-to-end processing of trustable business transactions
  • Can we get DID Comm approved as a standard and stand up to facebook, google and apple
  • How can we enhance these connected systems such that the processes and suasion known to interfere with people/business as they navigate will be replaced with respectful systems, while disarming harmful game space in disrespectful systems.
  • Requirements for enterprise and healthcare, and UX
  • Credential exchange protocols, wallet interoperability