IIW 32 Proposed Topics

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What topics are you planning to present about or lead a discussion about at this IIW?

  • "KERI ACDC Authentic Chained Data Containers"
  • Emerging information risk markets, choice of entity variables for identity organizations, adoption constraints for technically feasible identity technologies
  • Healthcare IT
  • Cryptographic Co-processors, Internet of Things, Applied Category Theory
  • The use of FIDO2 (Web Authn) and Verifiable Credentials

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at IIW?

  • Current state of art in various domains
  • Healthcare IT
  • Business models to drive adoption, UX (e.g. key management/recovery, wallets, on-boarding flows, etc.)
  • state of SSI, DID
  • "Identity For All Adoption by Issuer, Holder and Verifier of the multifarious solutions"
  • KERI, Internet of Things, Training Certification
  • Everything to do with Verifiable Credentials

What are the critical questions about user-centric identity and data you hope to discuss with peers at IIW?

  • What are current challenges and how are they changing.
  • Healthcare IT: interop
  • Can connectedness, quantum science, and thinking outside of the web2.0 save the internet?
  • What plans there are to deliver the promise of Identity For All by 2030
  • How will Applied Category Theory help with guiding an abstract data model for the DID Schema?
  • "Long lived vs short lived credentials Key management"