IIW 32 Demo Hour

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IIW 32 Demo Hour / Tuesday April 20 3:30PM - 4:30PM PST & Wednesday April 21 10:00AM - 11:00AM PST

Day 1 Brought to Us by Danube Tech https://danubetech.com/ and Day 2 Brought to Us by coinbase https://www.coinbase.com/

TABLE/Virtual Space # in Qiqo

Space #1 Blockster Labs: National id as a VC and verify with IoT: Ravikant Agrawal, Kalyan Kulkarni, Amit Padmani URL: http://blockster.global/ An innovative interim solution to convert existing credentials like national id (taking Aadhaar example), COVID vaccination into a VC, and granting touch-less access using an IoT device post verifying access credentials like employment id card, boarding pass, etc

Space #2 UBOSbox: Johannes Ernst, Indie Computing Corp URL: https://indiecomputing.com/products/ UBOSbox is a pre-configured server appliance that enables consumers and small businesses to take their data home from internet platforms such as Google Docs or Dropbox onto a server they control. No spying or tracking by third parties; no lock-in and no subscription fees. Now ships with Nextcloud Hub, the leading open-source document collaboration solution that includes Google-Docs-style collaborative editing in the browser, calendaring, chat and much more.

Space #3 coinbase

Space #4 SeLF & esatus Wallet by esatus AG: André Kudra, Christopher Hempel & Jonas Schneider URL: https://self-ssi.com/en/ Latest updates on esatus SeLF and wallet app! Fully leveraging Hyperledger Indy and Hyperledger Aries technologies, all employed in Sovrin and IDunion. Integrates SSI into existing IT-infrastructures. Credential-based access rules transform SSI to classic authentication and authorization. Bridges SSI to conventional technologies like SAML, OIDC, SCIM, JDBC, LDAP.

Space #5 Pravici PocketCred: Mahesh Balan URL:www.pocketcred.com Product allows for issuance and verification of VC's. We will demo how our product can be integrated into any EHR, with examples of integration with Salesforce Vaccine Cloud as well as Epic to demonstrate how it can be used to issue and verify vaccine or test credentials.

Space #6 Center Identity - Location-based private key recovery method: Matthew Vogel URL: https://centeridentity.com This presentation will demonstrate using either a Center Identity device or a web browser to securely recover a private key, register, and/or sign-in to a service/web site using our patent pending location-based recovery method.

Space #7 IOP Global - The IOP Console's SSI-flow: David De Troch URL: https://iop.global/ Steve wants to open a bank account without showing his ID Card. He won't reveal more than the required personal information. We will cover the flow and the W3C-compliant entities involved in this process. Our tools are built on production-ready open-source technology.

Space #8 IDENTOS: An Ontario trusted account, a digital identity service for putting patients at the center of care: Alec Laws URL: myTrustedAccount.ca. The new digital identity service available for use in four hospitals provides patients with a convenient, repeatable, and secure method to control access to health services and information. Learn more in this press release.

Space #9 Trinsic - Next-gen SSI Platform Launch Applications: Riley Hughes URL:https://trinsic.id Decentralized identity and SSI adoption has been slow-going because the software only solved half the problem. Trinsic's v2 platform provides a complete solution for scalable technology, ecosystem governance, and adoption tools. Come see what the future of decentralized identity looks like.

Space #10 RANDA Solutions/The Lifelong Learner Project: Kimberly Linson URL: www.lifelonglearnerproject.org The Lifelong Learner Project envisions a world of data agency for professional educators. By breaking apart the teacher license into individual credentials the teacher workforce has both portability and mobility beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Space #11 Pico Labs - Manifold -- Manage All Your Things: Bruce Conrad URL: manifold.picolabs.io A demo of the "Safe and Mine" application in Manifold to help when you lose one of your things. How to create tags that you can physically attach to your things.

Space #12 Universal DID Operations: Markus Sabadello - Danube Tech URLs: https://uniresolver.io/, https://uniregistrar.io/ Demonstration of DID operations such as resolving, creating, updating, deactivating, and more, in a DID-method independent way.

Space #13 The Intention Byway: Hadrian Zbarcea URL: https://customercommons.org We all read Doc's book The Intention Economy. The CustomerCommons foundation is implementing the infrastructure to support the intention economy. The two major components are the Intentron, a compute node that gives the customer agency, and the Byway, a federated messaging service, that supports Intentcasting. This session will demystify how the byway and addressing on the byway works.

Space #14 HearRo Identity Based Communication (IDC: Vic Cooper - CEO HearRo, Inc. URL:https://www.hearro.com The need for organizations to easily connect with their customers/citizens in highly personalized yet secure and efficient ways has never been greater or more urgent. See how HearRo uses SSI and DID Comm to enable secure “1-click” communications between People, Organizations and Things.

Space #15 Unum ID: Liam McCarty URL: www.unum.id Unum ID is backed by Draper and Samsung, building the world's first Sharified -- shared, verified -- identity network. See how they're leveraging DIDs and VCs to create seamless and secure user experiences alongside Fortune 500 companies like Franklin Templeton and RBC.

Space #16 Credential Master: Alan Davies & Timothy Ruff URL: https://CredentialMaster.com Credential Master turns the world’s largest CRM (Salesforce) into its first dedicated VCM (Verifiable Credentials Manager). Credential Master enables VC Issuers and Verifiers to manage up to millions of VCs with enterprise-class features, flexibility, and performance.

Space #17 Spruce Systems, Inc. – DIDKit: Wayne Chang, Charles Lehner URL: https://github.com/spruceid/didkit DIDKit is a cross-platform toolkit for building decentralized identity applications, written in Rust at the core. It's open source, built for enterprises, and easy to get started within 10 minutes. DIDKit already works with Java, Python, Node.js, WASM, Android/iOS, and more!