IIW 30 Proposed Topics

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Register here for IIW 30: https://iiw30.eventbrite.com

What topics are you planning to present about or lead a discussion about at this IIW?

  • open standards
  • PIMS adoption research; mapping personal information economy.
  • DIDs, DID Resolution
  • identity inoculation
  • Physician identity
  • deepfakes and content identity
  • SSI-based secure messaging
  • End-to-End Encrypted Messaging
  • Orchestrated gossip; cryptographic identification techniques and use cases

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at IIW?

  • Everything!
  • New advancements
  • progress in identity tech
  • DIDComm, Verifiable Credentials, Aries
  • SSI use cases, technology advancements, interoperability between technologies, demos, etc. Sovrin and Hyperledger technologies
  • Verifiable credentials

What are the critical questions about user-centric identity and data you hope to discuss with peers at IIW?

  • immutability vs. right to be forgotten (or right to change identity), techno and non-techno solutions protecting analog identity
  • How to make to TRULY self sovereign (ie interoperable and portable)
  • integrations with IOT etc
  • Interoperability between SSI technology implementations.