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IIW 29 Demo Hour / Wednesday October 2 1:30 - 2:30

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1. Gluu Gateway: Mike Schwartz URL: https://gluu.org/docs/gg/ Gluu Gateway is an HTTP proxy to control access to web sites and API's using OAuth or UMA access tokens. Use cases include centralized policy management, stepped-up authentication, or explicit user consent. You can manage policies in the Gluu Server or an external policy server.

2. SeLF by esatus AG: Carsten Eichhoefer and Christopher Hempel URL: https://self-ssi.com/en SeLF transforms SSI credential-based access rules into authentication and authorization objects that can be synchronized and used by conventional technologies like SAML or LDAP.

3. Transmute ID: Karyl Fowler & Margo Johnson URL: https://www.transmute.industries/transmute-id Transmute ID brings decentralized identities and verifiable credentials into traceable multi-party business transactions integrated with major storage and identity access management tools. Scalable DIDs are possible with Element – the Sidetree protocol on top of Ethereum and IPFS.

4. yes.com: Torsten Lodderstedt URL: www.yes.com yes® introduces a scheme that enables bank customers to use their online banking accounts for conducting various digital transactions, such as login, registration, identification, payment and signing, with Relying Parties. Use of bank-verified KYC data in conjunction with online banking multi-factor authentication allows to address use cases up to eIDAS trust level substantial.

5. ConsenSys / Ivan: Wayne Chang URL: http://www.ivanidentity.com/ (to be launched in September) Ivan stands for Identity Verification Attestation Network. Ivan is software that allows you to create and share real-world identities for people, places, and things and map their interrelationships.