IIW 28 Proposed Topics

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Register here for IIW: https://iiw28.eventbrite.com

What topics are you planning to present about or lead a discussion about at this IIW?

  • "Decentralized Autonomic Data items and DIDs
  • Delegated Attenuated Authorizations using DIDs. Marriage of Object Capabilities and DIDs"

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at IIW?

  • Security for privacy and identity
  • More DID, zksnarks
  • Everything
  • Ledger/blockchain identity technologies. I would also like to hear some case studies where those technologies are deployed and how the user reception has been.

What are the critical questions about user-centric identity and data you hope to discuss with peers at IIW?

  • Context specific identities
  • What can we implement today!
  • how I can help build the tools necessary to make SSI happen sooner.
  • How anonymous identities can be used in conjunction with the deterministic ledger-based technologies.