IIW 27 Tech Sandbox Breakfast Fair

From IIW

Presenting the Technology Sandbox Breakfast Fair at IIW27 Brought to us by digi.me https://digi.me/

We are offering a new component at IIW this fall ~ read on to find out more!

This time is for Identity Technology Providers to offer a real hands-on experience with the latest identity tech available to IIW attendees, in one on one and small group interactions. Come and play with IIW tech Thursday morning before and during breakfast (8:00 – 9:00.)

Below are the 7 Technology Providers who will be offering hands-on experience and more

digi.me / Current PC/Mac, iOS/Android version application: Jim Pasquale

URL: http://digi.me product & http://digi.me/video vision Experience what users can do when they own and are in the driver’s seat of their own data on their own devices(s). More privacy through our new Consent Access feature, with external apps providing insight from financial data inside their library. Learn about giving data back with a new digi.me feature.

Veridium / DID Authentication with Biometrics: John Callahan

URL: http://veridiumid.com/ A demonstration of Veridium's IEEE 2410 DID Auth integration using a QR-based challenge scanned by a mobile app. The app is a simple, Heroku-hosted, Ruby-on-Rails app that relies on a Universal Resolver service to resolve the user's DID.

Peercraft / Open Discovery: Henrik Biering

URL: https://www.opendiscovery.biz/ OpenDiscovery is a KISS approach to realize scalable decentralized markets for products and services. OpenDiscovery nullifies the trading value of data to the benefit of security, privacy, trust, innovation, competition, and production planning. A simple POC will be demonstrated.

The Kantara Initiative Consent Receipt /from specification to interoperability: Andrew Hughes

URL: https://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/infosharing/Home When the next data breach hits the news how will you know if you are affected? With a @KantaraNews Consent Receipt in your Privacy Dashboard, of course. A transaction receipt for your personal data? What a concept!

Danube Tech / DID Registration and Resolution: Markus Sabadello

URL: https://uniresolver.io/ Now that we have a basic understanding of what DIDs are for, let's take a closer look at how they can be registered and resolved.

Manifold: Bruce Conrad

URL: https://manifold.picolabs.io Manifold is designed to help owners keep track of their things, and information about their things. Each thing is represented by a card in the UI and backed by a pico which stores all of the information. Apps can be dropped into cards. Come see a demonstration and try it out with something of your own. The apps we have now are "Safe & Mine" and "Journal."

UBOSbox: Johannes Ernst

URL: https://indiecomputing.com/products/ UBOSbox is a pre-configured home server that enables users to take their personal data home from on-line services such as Dropbox onto hardware they control. Announced recently in Berlin at the Nextcloud conference, it is now shipping.