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IIW XXV #25 DEMO Hour List - Wednesday Oct 18, 2017

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1. Gluu demo of Kong API Gateway with UMA Plugin: Mike Schwartz URL: Kong: http://getkong.org Plugin: http://gluu.co/kong-uma Kong is a popular open source API gateway. Gluu has written a plugin to enable Kong to act as a compliant UMA Resource Server, enabling you to centralized policy management. Gluu has also written a web GUI that make it easy to configure the Kong plugin. Mike will provide a quick overview and a demo of Kong and UMA in action.

2. Danube Tech - DIF Universal Resolver and Registrar: Markus Sabadello URL: https://danubetech.com/ and http://identity.foundation/ The Universal Resolver can resolve DIDs and other identifiers in a uniform way, so that Verifiable Claims as well as RDF and XDI protocols can be built on top of identifiers registered in any blockchain or by other means. A counterpart - the Universal Registrar - is also available.

3. A Personal Digital WAULT: Katherine Kern and Liwen Yaacoby URL: Https://Wault.tech and https://wymsical.com WAULT is a 3 way cybersecurity member network. Trusted Institutions who care about privacy authenticate WAULT Owners for $35/annually. Owners privately protect and share their vital documents on the WAULT network app. Third parties view & verify on the app, without leaving a trace.

4.TheOrgBook Project - A Verified Organization Public Claims Repo: John Jordan, Stephen Curran, The Government of British Columbia URL: https://bcgov.github.io/TheOrgBook TheOrgbook (a play on TheFacebook) is a repository of public claims issued by a government entity about a Verified Organization that can be used as is by other Services, and we hope will accelerate Organizations creating their on self-sovereign identity to "claim their Claims".

5. HIE of One: Adrian Gropper, MD URL: http://hieofone.org HIE of One demos self-sovereign tech as a patient-controlled independent health record. A personal UMA authorization server uses the doctor’s self-hosted verifiable claims via self-sovereign uPort blockchain ID. No institution or federation mediates between doctor and patient.

6. digi.me –current PC/Mac, iOS/Android version application: Jim Pasquale & Julian Ranger URL: http://digi.me for product & http://digi.me/video for vision Demo will show what users can do when they own and are in the driver’s seat of their own data on their own devices(s). More privacy through our new Consent Access feature, using two new external apps providing social analytics and monetary insight from financial data inside their library.

7. City of Osmio VRD Enrollment Process: Mike Maturo URL: http://osmio.ch/ The City of Osmio is the identity certification authority for the Authenticity PKI. As with the city where you live, Osmio is owned and governed by its residents. Its certificates may back other credentials. Enrollments to be demonstrated.

8. Deutsche Telekom Laboratories - managing credentials instead of identities: Jörg Heuer URL: It‘s not a product (yet),information can only be provided upon request from joerg.heuer@telekom.de Identity is a concept hard to explain to users. Our prototype implements familiar credential types to ease implementation of typical identity, authentication and entitlement cases with one harmonized usage pattern. It embraces legacy, user-centric - and potentially - blockchain technology on several levels.

9. Digi.me demo: Tarik Kurspahic URL: http://digi.me for product & http://digi.me/video for vision Do more, privately – digi.me enables individuals to own their whole digital life (e.g. social, health, finance) & do more themselves, sharing, privately, with apps & web services opening data silos and democratizing data – it’s real today

10. Only Mobile Phone Number Card: Suhee Park No URL: Come to the Demo to see an example of the card Physical Card on which your only mobile phone number is embossed, interlocking with your smartphone for verification. It’s more than payment. It’s for public & private and sharing services across borders, covering key cards as well for access and tickets. So, it could be used as a way of identifying yourself with fingerprint on your smartphone.

11. FIDO & Mozilla – FIDO Needs Browsers! Yubico: John Fontana & Chris Streeks URL: https://www.yubico.com/products/yubikey-hardware You’ve heard this before, but now it’s here! See FIDO U2F working in Firefox (Nightly, Beta, Developer builds). We’ll show it (simple demo) and talk with you about hardware-backed keys, why FIDO U2F, and strong authentication.

12. Minute Money and Internet Guardians: Trey Tomeny URL: Prior Notes at www.yoi.life A vision for where we will end up based on using the most fundamental principles of Identity, Money, and social incentives.