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IIW XXIII #23 DEMO LIST - Wednesday October 26, 2016


1. Verifiable Claims Ecosystem Demo: Manu Sporny URL: http://w3c.github.io/webpayments-ig/VCTF/architecture See a demo of the Verifiable Claims Ecosystem in action. Part of this work is proposed for standardization at W3C. The 5 minute demo covers a self-sovereign verifiable claim being issued, stored, and used.

2. YubiKey Demo: Stina Ehrensvard, CEO and Founder & Chris Streeks, Solutions Engineer URL: https://www.yubico.com/products/yubikey-hardware We'll demo the versatile YubiKey, which supports open standards such as PIV, OATH, OpenPGP and FIDO U2F. Use U2F strong authentication to log into Gmail, Dropbox and now Salesforce among others. See PIV capabilities for MacOS Sierra log in. Use the same YubiKey with Windows Hello to unlock your Windows desktop.

3. HIE of One, PBC and HIE of One: Adrian Gropper URL: http://hieofone.org HIE of One is a proof of concept for self-sovereign support technology based on UMA. Using healthcare as the demo domain, Alice operates her own authorization server and manages policies re: OpenID Connect. Soon, we will also include blockchain standards for self-sovereign ID.

4. Lumenous, the first credit "non-bureau,": LaVonne Reimer URL: http://www.lumenous.net The first credit bureau launched in 1841. The model has not been rethought, until now. Lumenous puts business owners in charge of personal and business data used to verify identity and decide on credit terms, loans, and more. See how first user value will turn into trust graph.

5. ÆVATAR , your Digital Companion: David ROBERT President & Founder ÆTERNAM URL: http://www.aevatar.com http://www.aeternam.eu ÆTERNAM a “Common Interest Cooperative” ÆVATAR is the first self-Sovereign Identity management Companion offered to each EU Citizens, conforming to EU Privacy Regulation ( GDPR, eIDAS) and UN ID2020 recommendations for Self-Sovereign Identities. ÆVATAR is govern by a Common Interest Cooperative (1 person, 1 vote).

6. digi.me –current PC/Mac, iOS and Android version application: Jim Pasquale & Julian Ranger URL: http://get.digi.me for product and https://blog.digi.me/2016/09/29/who-am-i-iamdata-a-new-digi-me-campaign/ for vision Demo shows what users can do when they own and control their own data on their own devices(s), initially with social data aggregation of different accounts, which is fully curated – providing peace of mind, flashback perspectives on social interactions with likes, comments and photos including meta data, universal search, customizable widgets for building collections, creating journals, empowering individuals to make better decisions.

7. ONTY: Simon Jones URL: http://onty.com ONTY – “a connected notebook for private sharing”. ONTY is a new communication medium based on a concept of private matching / sharing. Think matching mindmaps mashed up with skype. The perfect VRM venue for your side of the intention market.

8. Pico Labs at Brigham Young University: Bruce Conrad URL: http://www.windley.com/archives/2015/11/reactive_programming_with_picos.shtml We show how the identity and life history of things in the IoT can be represented by picos. Each pico, hosted on a pico engine--local or in the cloud--uses the actor model to respond to events and queries; runs rules in a single thread; communicates through Internet-hosted APIs.

9. Demos of current state-of-the-art of XDI: Markus Sabadello URL: https://xdi2.org/demos.html Demos of current state-of-the-art of XDI, including: Use of XDI link contracts for GDPR-compliant sharing of personal data of a train passenger traveling through multiple E.U. countries ("European Passenger Record"). & Use of XDI connectors for interoperability and data portability between personal data stores (e.g. CozyCloud, Meeco).

10. "What would you like in YOUR consent receipt?”: John Wunderlich URL: http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/infosharing/Consent+Receipt+Specification You've heard about consent receipts, but now we're going to show you some examples and ask for your feedback.

11. Best Innovation Group (BIG) / Setit Credit - Updating consumer payment data across the web with a single click: John Best, CEO of BIG URL: http://www.setitcredit.com/ Site will be completed this weekend The Setit Credit app allows consumers to easily push tokenized payment information to multiple sites at once. This is not just a convenience to the consumer, but resolves some of the challenges facing financial institutions every day such as expired cards and fraud.

12. Evernym - obtaining and reusing verifiable claims on the Sovrin network: Nathan George URL: http://sovrin.org/ Associate verifiable claims with a self-sovereign identity. Present claims to relying party... trust becomes easy.

13. TeamData: Shane Green URL: http://TeamData.com Will show our mobile and web apps for collaborative data management, ownership & security in the workplace and teams of all kinds. Based on personal.com platform and data vault.

14. inWebo Convergent MFA: Didier Perrot URL: https://www.inwebo.com/how-it-works inWebo provides organizations with a platform and an API to bootstrap MFA with their VPN, applications, and SSO. Convergent MFA means that the easiest and most secure experience is proposed for any given transaction.

15. Yoti: Paco Garcia URL: Yoti.com A user centric mobile biometric identity platform with exchangeable identity attributes anchored on e-passports and/or issued by companies/institutions/organizations.