IIW – LAB-in-a-BOX for Communities to Be In Living Experiments

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LAB-in-a-BOX for Communities to Be In Living Experiments

Day/Session:Tuesday 1C

Convener: Mei Lin Fung

Notes-taker(s): Scott Mace

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Mike Graglia, New America – Registries

Bob Craig, CIO, 100-year-old law firm

Sherry Stein, CETA Lab,

Jess Harrison, Stop Child Traffic dot org.

Bruce Conrad, Pico Labs, BYU. We have to remember hundreds of passwords easy for us to remember

Sari, Stenfors, working on digital divide & disabled people. We have been thinking about a lab, bring these future concepts to people today, especially different types of people.


Chris Mellon, New America – how SSI can help us to crowdsource a lot of data gathering

Mike – Chris has recently been to Puerto Rico

Mei Lin – People centered Internet, cofounded with Vint Cerf. Local communities have no idea who is doing what. Trading posts help people discover the frontier. The idea of Lab in a Box, how can we help the trading posts be more effective? Even an initial set of small checklists or principles, what would that be?

What we want, what we fear

Problem statement

Proof of concept

Field test

KPIs / criteria



Assess performance

Feedback / revise


The problem statement needs to be ratified with the community before you start

Focus on children

Field test in community centers, schools, libraries

Mike – SSI, credentials go in my wallet. In real life, how do you use your DID or public key to assert things to vote for resource allocations, maybe using a device to confirm they are actually on the island of Puerto Rico. A way to push credentials down but get opinions back in a timeline that matters, rather than paying a consultant for insights months later

Chris – Mediation between individuals and governments, to let adjudication counsels evaluate claims

Can community self-adjudicate? Conflict

Jess – issue of trust. How can agencies build and keep trust?

What is an appropriate verification process?

Mike – Trafficking issue.

Jess – Parents giving up their guardianship for the kid to have a better life, but then the child is trafficked.

Sari – Refugees often lie about their identity in order to get access to the next country. Create a profile. Claiming neighbors & sister’s kids as your own to get them a better life. Here in the U.S. you get a [FICO] score, really scared when everything is digital & rigid, if I get sick, I’m still a pretty good person, how do we create these fuzzy gray spaces of identity. How do we introduce the human side to it?

Loss of our humanity when digital eliminates gray (grace) spaces

Mike - Rare disease space, have an app, as soon as kid presents with diagnosis, take a picture, we want to build a registry of what this morphology looks like, we can with some accuracy say this kid has a rare disease. But if I happen to run a country that has too many people, send them to be cannon fodder. Should you have the luxury of constructing a new identity?

Mei Lin: What’s going to be in the lab in a box? Things to start with

Sari: It’s all about governance. Who is on the board? What are their rules?

Social credit scores limit opportunities

Facial / video recognition – arbitrary use without humanity

Mei Lin: The U.N. has set up a high-level panel on digital social technical protocols.

In a Box Solutions:


Tools / platforms Pen & paper / writing Discussion group (F2F, Email, online) Digital wallet (duration?) Library-in-a-box example (Wikipedia, where to find water, aid) Document safe (physical & cloud) Power source


Scientist / testers

Publications Journals Newspapers / flyers


Data collection Simple Capacity to demo Opportunity to opt in Obvious place to interact


How can it work?

Phone / iPad / tablet / Pi Digital lockers / post-disaster Radio / TV Meetup groups


Engaging, get buy-in Incentive?

Mei Lin – Indian story of how the shopkeeper is king – spilled over into call centers

How do we take into account social norms?

Westerner takes photo of girl, puts photo on the Web, the family kills them. But it was innocent

Sherry – We have to understand the conditions of the environment

Cultural primer




Cultural denominator

A context filter all the way from the village up to the country

Partner with anthropologists & ethnographers in order to do lab in a box, plus community leaders, local business