Health Record Banks – Personal Cloud for Health

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Session Topic: Health Record Banks

Wednesday 4D

Convener: Bill Yasnoff

Notes-taker(s): Mary Hodder

Showed slides on Health Data Banks / Patient Records

1. Users have records all over, when you travel it's even harder to get data if a problem occurs

  • a. losses for users, doctors, health reporting, etc.
  • b. goal is comprehensive electronic patient records
  • c. fetch and show approach

2. Showed video on health record banks

3. In health care, the patient isn't the customer, they are the product

  • a. health care providers think they own the data
  • b. they (providers) think they can somehow monetize this data


4. People want to hold their own data.. and control it

5. Centralized data around the person, not in silos of orgs

6. Business models for this:

  • a. apps access data.. you get benefit of app, app gets your data (apps could be: prevention advisor, or notification for something important)
  • b. fees to users (low)
  • c. clinical trials who pay people to participate via a privacy protecting service
  • d. service to collect all past records
  • e. service to aggregate all your the data and organize it.. for you and your doctors who would later look at it

Bill will email pointer to slides.