Google “TAPPS” for Education

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Session Topic: Google "TAP"PS for Education

Tuesday 3G

Convener: Kris Alman

Notes-taker(s): Kris Alman

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Google apps for education lawsuit: Google violated federal and state wiretap laws by intercepting electronic Gmail messages and data-mining those messages for advertising-related purposes, including the building of “surreptitious user profiles.”

Student Privacy Matters “Restoring Privacy in the Era of Big Data”: Rationale for data collection good: data-driven decision-making; improve quality; decrease costs

But is data being used appropriately? Is it being repurposed? Shared inappropriately? How would we ever know? Do risks of profiling in health and education increase when businesses gain access to data? Do certain businesses have conflicts of interest? If so, how should their scope be limited?

  • Business associate agreements with “covered entities” in health care
* All Payer Claims database vendors: include defense industry (General Dynamics) and big health care data aggregators (Milliman*, OptumInsight, Truven)
  • Businesses as “school officials”
* inBloom
* Google Apps expanded services include Classroom, which is linked to student information system
* Pearson cloud-based scoring for clinical tests

FTC complaint for “pharmacy risk scores”